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Yoga For Kids

By Marita Dortins

As adults, we often look upon the world of children as being idyllic. With no bills to pay, no work commitments, and no complicated adult relationships, kids can focus on having fun – right?

Unfortunately, humans are affected by stress from birth. All children face anxiety, sadness and fearfulness at some point. Like adults, kids live in a fast-paced world. They face conflicting priorities, competition, and ever-changing social dynamics.

And stress is just one affliction facing the current generation of kids. Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder (ADHD) is one the rise. Obesity levels are at an all time high. Many parents are concerned about the effects of hours spent in front of computers and game consoles.


Community Yoga

By Gopala Amir Yaffe

Anyone who has taken more then just a few yoga classes knows that yoga is more than just physical exercise. It's a way of seeing and experiencing the world around us.  Yoga is a physical as well as mental exercise, which helps us realise that we and the world are interconnected. 

We come to this world through our families.  We are nourished by them as we grow and learn.  Later, we create our own families and support the social circles that sustained our development.  We receive and we give, we interact and we grow together.  It's all yoga.

In a way, there are two kinds of yoga: Yoga Mat Yoga, which is your practice in class, and Living Yoga, which is the attitude, peace of mind, the balance and the excitement about life that accompany you through your day when the yoga class ends.


Going Pro: Yoga Aspires to New Heights

By Sarah Berry
(First Published in Network Fitness Magazine, 2011)

The fitness industry leads the charge. Now some say that it’s time for yoga in Australia to follow suit and acquire government-accredited regulation.

The Certificate IV in Yoga Teaching is setting these wheels in motion, enthuses Byron Yoga Centre’s Director, John Ogilvie. “The Certificate IV which we offer at Byron Yoga Centre is a nationally approved, government-created course that is a really important development in bettering the profession and quality of teaching as a whole,” says John.

Yoga, within Australia, is currently self-regulated with recommended guidelines in place and many teacher training courses registered with the YTAA (Yoga Teachers Association of Australia). However, adhering to the set protocols is not compulsory and there is no shortage of teachers who have completed non-YTAA approved courses.


Impressions of India

Written by Christine Lines

In November 2009, teachers from the Byron Yoga Centre (BYC) stood at the Belongil Studio for the last time, waiting for the shuttle bus to Brisbane Airport. After 22 years by the beach, it was a time of transition and adventure! The studio had closed its doors and moved to new premises in town. A few teachers continued the daily classes, while the rest of the team flew to India…


New Certificate IV in Yoga Teaching

Raising standards nationally and internationally

Introducing Australia’s first nationally recognised Certificate IV in Yoga Teaching as well as Yoga Alliance and YTAA accredited program.

Byron Yoga Centre is proud to announce it is now a registered training organisation (RTO) and able to offer a Certificate IV in Yoga Teaching to complement our existing Level 1 and Level 2 courses. This new formal recognition means we now offer an expanded teacher training course incorporating additional certificate units designed to prepare the yoga teacher for all aspects of running a yoga studio. This qualification is recognised not only throughout Australia but internationally, and with the Yoga Alliance (YA) and the Yoga Teachers Association of Australia (YTAA).


Playing your edge in India

Wild dogs, cyclones, and lots and lots of chai!

Written by Ana Davis

I’m not a natural traveler; it doesn’t come easily to me.  After 6 months of frequent overseas trips, I felt almost unwillingly pulled along by the bus that took us to Brisbane airport,  preparing to set off across the oceans to India, far away, yet again, (sigh) from my little boy, and my home.

However, these feelings of reluctance lifted the moment we were in the taxi from Goa airport, tearing through the South Indian countryside, the warm wind in my hair, Bollywood music blaring, dodging cows and heavily loaded mopeds.   Ahhh… Indiahhh…already weaving her magic.


YogaAid Registration

How to Register for YogaAid

We have just a few weeks until the Sunday, November 15th YogaAid Challenge. We encourage everyone to register for the event, join our Byron Bay team and begin fundraising for this worthwhile event.

1. Register:
Make sure you are registered for the event
Go to
Click on Register
You can view the participants by going to the Challengers page and choosing Byron Bay from the drop-down menu.

2. Bring 5 to 10 people to the event - spread the word, and get participants registered and fundraising.

3. Be inspired by reading the story of last years event below:


Karma yoga thrives in Japan

john-ogilvie-ana-davis-japan.jpgWritten by Ana Davis

You know you’re in Japan when you experience service that takes the concept of ‘the customer is always right’ to unprecedented extremes. John Ogilvie and Ana Davis recently toured Japan to introduce keen yogis there to the Byron Yoga Centre Purna style of yoga.


For the love of it

Written by Brook McCarthy
brook-mccarthy-cobbler-pose.jpgYou hear lots of claims that yoga teacher training ‘will change your life.’ This made me skeptical seeing as how I was already working as a yoga teacher when I began my level 1 course. Yet, I began my level 1 course in a publishing job I despised, and finished level 2 having started my home-based business, in a new house with my first child.


Ten days in the life of a wannabe Yoga Therapist

Written by Ana Davis
judy-krupp-adjusting.jpgFor ten straight days a group of committed yogis lived and breathed ‘yoga therapy’ from six in the morning to half eight at night. During the meal breaks the intensity did not stop, with passionate discussions about yoga, natural health and healing often accompanying the dhal and chai.

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