Graduate Stories

The Unlikely Yogi - Graduate Story: Tim Limbert

Written by Pete Jackson

To some, Tim Limbert is not your typical yogi. He is not only male, but also middle aged and working full time in the analytical world of tax accountancy. Tim is also a teacher training graduate of Byron Yoga Centre and takes to his ‘other’ practice like he takes to his kayak, which is as often as weather and conditions allow, close to home on the pristine waters of Byron Bay. While accountancy reflects Tim’s desire to help others budget their bills, yoga reflects a desire to help others enhance their life through regular practice. How does Tim manage to merge the daily grind of accountancy number crunching with regular yoga?


Yoga Sisters

Written by Pete Jackson

It’s a brave thing branching into business for the first time. Ask anyone about their first few months or years and you’re likely to hear of long work days, low financial return and the unforeseen and unexpected happening. It’s even more challenging when your business partner is your housemate, and you’re still getting to know each other as friends as well as business partners. For Deanne Velissaris and Miriam Stratz long days with a paintbrush and gentle guidance from John Ogilvie, founder of Byron Yoga Centre, is beginning to pay off with their new studio in Melbourne.

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