Healing through yoga therapy

Maria Kirsten teaches Yoga Therapy,&nbs


Our Yogis - Introducing Tara

1. How did your yoga journey start?
My yoga journey started in 1993 when I was 17 years old, although I only realised this last year.  I remember being at a house party and a group of us girls were sitting on the floor. I put my legs into full lotus (without ever having seen this before). It just happened and I remember thinking this is a neat way to sit. Then an older girl walked past and rudely said "Why are you sitting like that?" I immediately uncrossed my legs and vowed to never try that again.


The pathless path: the meaning of yoga

Yoga has been around for literally thousands of years. Can something so old still be relevant in 2014? Dana Burrows put this question to Byron Yoga Centre’s philosophy teacher, Swami Pujan.

Like so many who come through Byron Yoga Centre on retreat or as yoga students, I love having philosophical discussions with Swami Pujan. His interpretation of the yogic philosophy is light-hearted yet poignant, and he always explains these ancient tenets in such a way that makes sense in today’s modern world. So I asked Swami Pujan two simple questions: what is yoga? and is it still relevant today? In wonderful Swami Pujan style, we spent the next hour animatedly uncovering the mysteries of yoga.


Our Yogis - Introducing Chloe

Yoga has had a profound and lasting impact on all of us at Byron Yoga Centre. Here, we share the yoga stories from our team members...

Meet regular Byron Yoga Centre teacher (and divine cuisine creator), Chloe.


Our Yogis - Introducing Bettina

Yoga has had a profound and lasting impact on all of us at Byron Yoga Centre.


Our Yogis - introducing Jess

Yoga has had a profound and lasting impact on all of us at Byron Yoga Centre. Here, we share the yoga stories from our team members...


Try yoga for free at the Evolve festival

– it could change your life

Kirsty Nugent - Newsletter Editor: Tell me a bit about the Evolve festival?

Miranda Burne - Director Evolve Festival: Evolve brings together the yoga community for a weekend and offers participants a huge variety of yoga classes from different traditions. If you regularly practice one particular style of yoga, Evolve gives you the opportunity to try something different.  There are also pranayama and meditation sessions you can attend as well as dance, chanting and lots of interesting discussions and presentations. So you don't have to do asana all day long!

Kirsty Nugent: I’ve heard you’ve included a new program at the next festival being held in Melbourne where yoga is free for beginners.

Miranda Burne: Yes, it’s called B-Free. Evolve recognises that we attract hundreds of regular yoga practitioners to our festivals, which is a wonderful thing, however we are also keen to share and promote yoga to as many people as possible as there are so many benefits to be gained from practicing yoga and living a more natural life.
B-Free was developed to help expose a wider audience to the benefits of yoga and encourage our friends and loved ones who might not think it’s a practice for them to join us at the festival.


The Phoenix Weekend 2012

Interview with Matt Singmin, Creator of the Phoenix Weekend & DJ for the Future Sound of Yoga

By Kirsty Nugent

BYC: So tell us about the Phoenix Weekend...

Matt: The Phoenix Weekend is a 2-day experience incorporating yoga, music, meditation and rave. This is the second year that we're running it and we're continuing the 2 key themes of the first year: learning and letting go. Learning in the sense that it's a chance to access world-class yoga teachers running sessions on topics you wouldn't get in their standard classes... and letting go in the sense that on Saturday night people will have chance to get dressed up, dance and let their hair down...


Unite, Elevate and Evolve

By Sarah Berry

Yoga is possible for anybody who really wants it.  Yoga is universal.... But don't approach yoga with a business mind looking for worldly gain.  ~ Sri Krishna Pattabhi Jois

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