John Ogilvie New Zealand Workshops Oct 1st and 2nd and Oct 8th and 9th

New Zealand Yoga Sanctuary Workshops 1st & 2nd October

John Ogilivie workshops in Auckland 1st and 2nd October 2011 at The Yoga Sanctuary, 1 Montrose Terrace, Mairangi Bay, North Shore
Saturday, 1 October, 2011

12 - 3pm: Purna Yoga – Self-Practice Creation Level 1

This workshop will instruct you on the basics of sequencing. It will provide you with the knowledge and framework required for you to safely create your own yoga practice. It will focus on structuring a sequence, including warm-up, standing postures, inversions and cool down. A Level 1 Purna sequence will encourage you to build flexibility, strength and stamina of body, mind and spirit. Attention will be given to self-adjusting to find correct alignment in the postures. John’s teaching style is entertaining and completely non-threatening. His instructions are clear and simple, always with a focus on keeping his students safe and encouraging you to listen to your own body’s needs and only work at a level appropriate to you, at any given time.

4.30 - 6.30pm: Purna Yoga - focusing on Arm Balances

This is a fun yet challenging workshop. John’s depth of knowledge of arm balances is extensive. He will show you how to progress from the most basic balance and move safely into some arm balances you might not have tried before and may never even have seen before in class. Suitable for beginner to advanced students. John Ogilvie encourages you to go to your potential while supporting you with knowledge and humour. In this class, you’ll be experimenting with some of the more challenging yoga postures with a smile and an attitude of fun!
Sunday, 2 October, 2011

12 - 3pm: Dynamic Introduction to Purna Yoga

This workshop combines level 1 and 2 asanas into the dynamic Purna yoga sequence. John has done substantial research on the chakras and their connection to our endocrine system. The sequence balances the chakras, addressing hormonal imbalances, and leaving you feeling energised and joyful! John will keep you safe in the postures while encouraging you to listen to your own body’s needs.

4.30 - 6.30pm: Purna Yoga – Inversions and Backbends

This strong, dynamic workshop will focus on using all the major inversions and backbends to fully awaken the spine. The sequence moves quickly from warm up postures into inversions and then backbends, and then combining the two together. Variations are given for all levels of students. The sequence culminates in using restorative inversions and backbends to calm both the spine and the central nervous system.

Cost: Full weekend: $175 AUD - Individual morning session: $60 AUD - Individual afternoon session: $50 AUD

To book: your place please email:
New Zealand Yoga Studio Workshops 8th & 9th October

John Ogilivie workshops in Wellington 8th and 9th October 2011 at the Yoga Studio, 157 Dowse Drive (Maungaraki Shops), Maungaraki, Lower Hutt, WELLINGTON
Saturday, 8 October, 2011

10 - 1pm: Purna Yoga - A level 1 yoga class. (Special beginners and
general yoga)

A 90 minute Level 1 beginners class, which would be suitable for everybody at all levels, even as an introduction to yoga for a first timer. In this class John takes participants through a 90 minute sequence, offering simple asanas for the less experiences, with options for those with more yoga experience to take each pose to a deeper level. John’s emphasis on correct posture and alignment keeps beginners safe in the practice, and his sense of fun and light-hearted teaching style will have beginners coming back for more!

2.30 - 4.30pm: Purna Yoga - Twist the spine

In this workshop John combines level 1 and 2 asanas into a dynamic sequence whilst focusing on twisting the spine. This strong, dynamic class will focus on activating core strength to create the strong foundation required to hold twisting balances. The bandhas, or locks, will be activated. This sequence will encourage students at all levels to build strength and stamina of body, mind and spirit. The cool down will focus on settling the nervous system by holding deep, restorative twists. This workshop is a natural counter-pose sequence to the Inversions and Backbends Workshop.
Sunday, 9 October, 2011

10 - 1pm: Purna Yoga - Developing Flexibility through Asana

Nearly all of us are born with flexibility and at some point in our lives we realise we have lost it. In this workshop John shows how to safely explore and reclaim that flexibility, using a sequence which focuses on playing to the edge of our flexibility, gradually and safely pushing that edge further out so as to regain comfort within our own bodies. This workshop will also help us to gain a more patient and peaceful mind: Santosha – inner contentment.

2.30 - 4.30pm: Purna Yoga – Pranayama, Meditation and Philosophy

In this workshop John presents several different Pranayama and meditation practices and gives an introduction into yogic philosophy.

Cost: Full weekend: $125 AUD - Individual morning session: $50 AUD- Individual afternoon session: $40 AUD

To book: Please call Joni on (61)2 66858327 or email

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