Rainbow Kids Yoga Intensive 3-Day Teacher Training September 26-28th, 2014

To apply, please email us at info@rainbowkidsyoga.net If you have any questions, please contact us! Space is limited, so please register promptly.

Angel and Gopala also offer a Sun Moon Partner Yoga Teacher Training.

September 26-28th, 2014
Friday through Sunday: 9am to 6pm daily

Immerse yourself in the magical world of yoga and kids! Be prepared to practice and learn yoga like a child, while laughing, dancing, playing, and singing! Alternating experiential Kids Yoga classes with practical theory and discussion makes the Rainbow Kids Yoga Teacher Training professional, well rounded, in-depth, and tons of FUN!

During the course, we learn over 350 yoga poses for kids, creative yoga games, breathing and meditation games, relaxation with guided imagery, basic partner acrobatics, flying yoga, plus Thai Massage, and more!  Lecture topics include age-appropriate class sequencing, class management, child development, the business of yoga teaching, marketing, and more!  Most importantly, you will be equipped with tons of fabulous ideas to create exciting and fascinating yoga experiences for kids of all ages as soon as you leave the training.

What people are saying about Rainbow Kids Yoga and teacher trainer Gopala…

“This is the best training I have ever experienced!...Amazing!”

“Anyone [who] works with children, has children or just wants to be a kid again should take this course.”

“Rainbow Kids Yoga is INCREDIBLE! I was super blown away with the program.”
“These series of days have truly changed my life.”

Course Content

  • What makes yoga for kids special? The benefits of yoga for kids.
  • Principles of teaching yoga for children.
  • Building fun, engaging, and age-appropriate Kids Yoga classes.
  • Child development and anatomy as it relates to yoga for kids.
  • Yoga for children with special needs.
  • Over 350 Kids Yoga poses, with accompanying songs, sound effects, movements, and interesting facts about the human body and different animals.
  • Breathing and Meditation Games.
  • Relaxation and Guided Imagery; Basic Thai Massage.
  • Partner and Group Yoga poses and games.
  • Flying Yoga, Basic Partner Acrobatics, and Human Pyramids.
  • Teaching Family Yoga (parents and kids practising together).
  • Enriching each class with magical themes, music, props, Kids Yoga Cards, Mandala painting, costumes, art, and lots of imagination!
  • Creating focus and attentiveness in the classroom and handling challenging behavior.  Finding a balance between the need for rules and boundaries and the need for freedom and creativity.  How to speak with and listen to kids.
  • How to use your own special talents and ideas to create amazing classes, and how to connect with your inner child.
  • Enlightened business, how to build Kids Yoga groups and keep them, and how to succeed as a teacher in different settings (studios, public and private schools and kindergartens, community centers, etc.)
  • Supercrazyfun!

Tuition: $585 AUD early bird tuition if registration form and payment are submitted more than 21 days before course start date.  $685 AUD Full Tuition (within 3 weeks of the start date). To register your place by emailing us at info@rainbowkidsyoga.net


Accommodation is now fully booked, however a meal package is available at the Purna Centre for $135 and includes lunch and dinner Friday, breakfast, lunch and dinner Saturday, and breakfast and lunch Sunday.

Please contact the centre directly at admin@byronyoga.com to book your meal package in advance.

Please visit http://rainbowkidsyoga.net for more information and how to register! 



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