Gluten Free & Vegan
Makes 35 Biscuits
2 cups plain gluten free flour
1 cup almond meal
1 tsp baking powder
pinch of salt
1/2 cup rice malt syrup
1/4 cup + 1 Tbs coconut oil
1/2 tsp vanilla
1. Preheat oven to 150 degrees celcius
2.Combine all dry ingredients in a bowl
3. Add wet ingredients and stir until well combined
4. Roll dough out onto baking paper and use a cookie cutter to cut into shapes, or roll into small balls and press down with a fork. Aim for the the dough to be about 5mm thick.
5. Add sprinkles or other toppings of choice or leave plain
6. Bake for 10 minutes or until just starting to show a golden colour
7. Remove from the oven, let them cool before moving them, and store in an airtight container.
NOTE: Different gluten free flours can sometimes turn out slightly different. So if you find the mixture too sticky add a little sprinkle more of the plain gluten free flour until it isn’t sticky; or alternatively, if it is too dry, add a drizzle of coconut oil to ensure it isn’t too crumbly.
Happy Holidays, and enjoy!