“ahimsa pratishthayam tatsamnidhau vairatyagah”
“around one who is solidly established in non violence, hostility disappears”

Yoga Sutra 2:35

Ahimsa is the first of five specific ethical precepts, in Yoga we call these precepts ‘yamas’. The yamas give us basic guidelines for living a life of personal fulfilment that will also benefit society. Ahimsa is derived from two words: ‘a’, meaning ‘not’, and ‘himsa’, meaning ‘harm’. It can also be taken to mean – ‘gentleness’ or ‘kindness’.

Learning to practice ahimsa or non-violence, can begin on the mat with yourself and knowing your current limitations. Knowing when to slow down, rest and recuperate is the sign of an advanced yoga practice. Here at Byron Yoga Centre, Ahimsa is the undercurrent that runs through our teacher trainings, wellness retreats and studio classes.

Ahimsa is ultimate love. When we can learn to practice this ultimate love with ourselves, the ripple effect is the ability to apply an Ahimsic approach to our dealings with others and an empathetic outlook to all aspects of our lives. Our wellness retreats are built on the foundations of Ahimsa. Encouraging retreat guests to cultivate wellness through restorative classes, meditation, massage, sunrise walks and a loving gaze inward.