Certificate IV Yoga Teaching – 12 Month (RYT 500hrs + 300hrs)

Certificate IV Yoga Teaching – 12 Month (RYT 500hrs + 300hrs) 2017-07-12T14:12:06+00:00

International Yoga Teaching Courses

Vocationally Respected Qualification – Ideal for international students

(International Student Visa Yoga Teaching Course | Yoga Student Visa Australia )

(Australian students can qualify for Austudy)

RTO No. 91522 | Course Code. 10540NAT | CRICOS Code. 03418E


Byron Yoga Centre’s 12 month 800 hour (RYT 500 hours Level 2 + 300 hours additional units) Certificate IV Yoga Teacher Training Course represents one of the highest possible qualifications in yoga teaching that is recognised both in Australia and internationally.

The Certificate IV international yoga teaching course can qualify students for a 12 month international student visa. For more details on how to obtain a 12 month international student visa, which also allows you to work for 40 hours per fortnight in paid employment, email us admin@byronyoga.com

This 12 month course qualifies Australian students for Austudy as it comprises of 20 hours of study each week. Contact us for more details admin@byronyoga.com

The Certificate IV in Yoga Teaching doubles your qualifications in yoga teaching. Not only is it recognised with Yoga Alliance and Yoga Australia, but it is also an ASQA (Australian Skills Quality Authority) accredited national course, which can enhance its international standing because Australia has one of the most internationally recognised vocational education systems anywhere in the world. Certificate IV in Yoga Teaching meets the requirements of quality assurance contained in the Australian Qualifications Framework



10540NAT Certificate IV in Yoga Teaching is run over a 52 week period, which is divided into four terms of ten weeks each. There will be holidays between each term. During term times students are required to attend training on 2 days each week. Training will consist of fifteen hours of face to face lectures and practical, and five hours of online homework.

Please note: This course runs from 9am-6pm 2 days a week, and most of the groups are held at our studio in the centre of Byron Bay at 6 Byron Street (not at Byron Yoga Retreat Centre). The study days will be advised closer to the start date.

Intakes for 2017

12 September 2017 – Click here to start the application process

27 November 2017 – Click here to start the application process

Intakes for 2018

7 March 2018 – Click here to start the application process

25 May 2018 – Click here to start the application process

21 August 2018 – Click here to start the application process

19 November 2018 – Click here to start the application process

Intakes for 2019

27 February 2019 – Click here to start the application process

17 May 2019 – Click here to start the application process


The indicative course fees shown apply to international students studying on-campus in Australia for the relevant year only. All fees are subject to annual review and may be adjusted.
*In accordance with ESOS Act

Tuition fees include all training, required props and learning materials.

As a Registered Training Organisation, Byron Yoga Centre is required to implement a process or strategy that will ensure that fees collected in advance from students are suitably protected.

Accordingly, no more than 50% of the entire course fee will be collected upfront. Fees collected in advance from international students are protected under the provision of the Tuition Protection Service (TPS). Byron Yoga Centre will manage a designated bank account in this regard, where all tuition collected in advance from international students will be housed until the student commences the course.

Fees are payable as follows:

  • Upon acceptance of application for enrolment pay the deposit of AUD$1500
  • Six weeks prior to course commencement a further AUD$3500
  • Within two weeks before the commencement of the second term of study the balance of AUD$5000

In the event that a student does not receive a visa, an administration fee of AUD$250 will be retained by Byron Yoga Centre and all other monies paid by the student will be refunded.

Please note, a student will be deemed to have defaulted as per Section 47 of the ESOS Act 2000 where the following occurs:

  • A student does not start or fails to arrive on the first day of the course as nominated by Byron Yoga Centre (this includes Orientation)
  • The student withdraws from the course whilst in Australia (before the start date)
  • Entry into the course refused by Byron Yoga Centre because either the student has failed to pay the required upfront fees; the student has breached a condition of their visa; or other misbehaviour by the student.

Once the student has been granted a visa, in the case of a student default as stated above, no refund is applicable except at the discretion of Byron Yoga Centre.


Course information in detail

The course is comprised of 10 units of competency that are transferable within the ASQA education system. These are;

  • YGTWOR401A Work within a yoga school framework
  • YGTPRC402A Perform a range of Yoga practices
  • YGTTEA403A Teach a general yoga class
  • HLTWHS001 Participate in workplace health and safety
  • HLTAP301B Recognise healthy body systems in a health care context
  • HLTAID003 Provide first aid
  • CHCCOM006 Establish and manage client relationships
  • HLTCOM405D Administer a practice
  • TAEDEL401A Plan, organise and deliver group-based learning
  • CHCRH503B Develop leisure and health programs for clients with special needs

Entry requirements and English language requirements

You must demonstrate English Language Proficiency and hold an IELTS Certificate showing an Overall Band Score at a minimum level of 5.5.

You must complete an Application for Enrolment form and include details of your Yoga background and experience. Each application is considered on an individual basis. It is essential that students are able to read and understand written English and are able to communicate effectively in English.

Prior to commencement of training we encourage students to have a regular practice. The requirement for entry into the course is that students must have attended a minimum of 10 classes.

You may apply for Recognition of Prior Learning, however it should be noted that only Australian qualifications will be accepted by Byron Yoga Centre and that such Recognition could affect the term of your visa. For RPL enquiries, contact: admin@byronyoga.com

Working in Australia: Permission To Work

Applicants granted student visas will automatically receive permission to work with their visa grant. Most student visa holders will no longer need to apply separately in Australia for permission to work. Please note that you will NOT be able to work in Australian until the first official day of classes when the education provider will confirm your study commencement. Byron Yoga Centre will do this automatically on the first official day of classes, or you may request that they do.

Working While Studying

1. You are not permitted to start work until you have commenced your course of study

2. You can work a maximum of 40 hours per fortnight during the term and unlimited hours when your course is not in session.

3. The Department of Immigration and Citizenship (DIAC) considers your course to be ‘in session’:

  • for the duration of the advertised semesters (including periods when exams are being held)
  • if you have completed your studies and your Confirmation of Enrolment is still in effect
  • if you are undertaking another course, during a break from your main course and the points will be credited to your main course.

For a full list of mandatory and discretionary student visa conditions: please click here




REFUND (download here)

COMPLAINTS POLICY (download here)

POLICIES and PROCEDURES (download here)

How to apply

Submit an online enquiry (download here)

Tel: +61 (2) 6685 8327 (outside Australia)

(02) 6685 8327 (inside Australia)

Email: admin@byronyoga.com

Application Step-by-Step Process Model:

Student enquiry and Enrolment application (via email or  phone)

Letter of Offer by Byron Yoga Centre

Student Acceptance:
Return signed forms, provide required evidence, pay deposit of fees

Confirmation of Enrolment

Student finalises Visa Conditions with Department of Immigration and Citizenship (DIAC)

Student finalises Health Insurance arrangements (OHSC)

Student makes Payment of balance of fees

Student makes travel and/or accommodation arrangements

Student arrives in Australia and sets up living arrangements, mobile phone, bank account etc.

STEP 10:
Student arrives at Byron Yoga Centre Office and Reception for Orientation and beginning of Course

Teaching Faculty

Under the guidance of Byron Yoga Centre’s Director and veteran yoga teacher, John Ogilvie,  the teaching staff on this course are all experienced and dedicated. You’ll be inspired by our resident and guest yoga teachers alike, who ‘walk their talk’, living the yoga lifestyle, and are all knowledgeable and passionate about their subjects.

Other teachers include:

John Ogilvie | Kara Goodsell | Davina Kruse | Marita Dortins | Maria Kirsten | Alicia Ryan

“I have absolutely loved my time here. Love the teachers. Love learning. Love yoga! Thank you.” – Certificate IV Graduate, 2011


Find a list of Agents Byron Yoga Centre is currently engaged with here

Training Locations – Byron Bay

Most of the course intakes are held at our studio in the centre of Byron Bay at 6 Byron Street. This is close to many cafes, the supermarket and to the beach.

“This environment that you all continually create is so valuable. I have never felt more supported and safe in my entire life than I do here at Purna. I never want to leave. I have such love, admiration and respect for absolutely everyone here. You are all absolutely fantastic!” – Certificate IV Graduate, 2011.

Byron Bay – General Information

Cape Byron is Australia’s most easterly point, located on the North Coast of New South Wales. With its numerous beaches, unspoilt hinterland, and relaxed lifestyle, Byron Bay is a popular tourist destination. It is also a place where artists, musicians, dancers, writers, surfers, healers and of course yogis express their diversity and individuality.

The town has all major facilities: a hospital, cinema, supermarket, health food stores and great restaurants, as well as a flourishing alternative health industry. Bicycle is the easiest way to get around town and easily organised through Byron Yoga Centre.

The average summer temperature is 21C – 28C, and average winter temperature is 15C – 21C, There are also periods of heavy rainfall, especially in summer. The area has a total annual rainfall of 1734mm. Byron Shire has a population of close to 30,000, while the town of Byron Bay has a population of about 9,000.

Byron Bay is located just off the Pacific Highway, 800kms north of Sydney, 175kms south of Brisbane. Airports are located in Ballina (30mins south) or Coolangatta (60mins north) and buses and trains arrive regularly.

The following websites provide information about Byron Bay and the surrounding area:

www.byronbay.com  | www.echo.net.au | www.byronbaynow.com | www.byronbay.org