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Meditation and Philosophy of Stephan Kahlert (swami Pujan)
This is Stephan’s (pujan’s) website were you can find many additional resources in connection with Yoga philosophy and meditation as well as a blog to ask questions and get more info.

Yoga for Grown-Ups with Maria Kirsten
In addition to weekly classes and yoga teacher training, Maria conducts workshops in Anatomy for Yoga and Principles of Yoga Therapy for the general public and for new yoga teachers.

Yoga Retreat –
Providing Retreat information – Everything Yoga in Bali, Indonesia is here.

Yoga In Asia
The largest yoga resource website for Asia. Find out about workshops, retreats, teacher trainings and more about yoga in Asia.

Holistic Health with alternative Medicine, Yoga

Find Pilates Australia
A searchable website of pilates classes, courses, workshops and retreats in Australia

Find Yoga Australia
A searchable yoga website with yoga classes, yoga workshops and yoga retreats in Australia, Melbourne, Perth, Canberra, Adelaide, and Brisbane

Byron Thai Massage School
Study the ancient healing Art of Traditional Thai Yoga Massage in a 3-week intensive, accredited Course at Australia’s most beautiful eastern point,Byron Bay

Yoga Alliance
Australian Yoga Life magazine and web site is designed to convey the broad message of yoga

Australian Yoga Life
Australian Yoga Life magazine and web site is designed to convey the broad message of yoga

ABC Of Yoga
All-in-one Yoga Portal with all yoga information, latest news, yoga shop, holidays and retreats. Free membership and great community.

Yoga Teacher Training

The Online Yoga Resources
The Online Yoga Resources-yoga mat, yoga equipment, yoga news, yoga information, etc.

Yoga Journal

Yoga Finder

Yoga Resource Centre
A practical and inspirational site for anyone who wants to promote harmony and well-being in their life with yoga. Find the A2Z of Yoga over here.

Yoga Basics
The ultimate guide to yoga, asana, pranayama, chakras and more.

Yoga In Daily Life

Yoga Movement
An online magazine about the practice of yoga and meditation. Includes articles, texts, a directory of top yoga sites, a listing of yoga centers, and helpful resources.

European Yoga Federation
The official site of the European Yoga Federation

Stress Management
With over 5000 Laughter Clubs in 40 countries, Laughter Yoga, a revolution started by Dr Madan Kataria offers complete stress management training programs for corporates and individuals alike.

The Art Of Healing
The Art of Healing informing and educate people about health and healing alternatives.

Carmella Voice
Carmella is a gifted singer and inspirational award winning composer. She has performed and studied sacred music throughout Australasia from an early age.


The Yoga Room
Sydney yoga space and therapy centre.

Brisbane Yoga Studio
Classes are suitable for all ages and fitness levels.

Qi Natural Therapies & Yoga
Qi is dedicated to helping people achieve calmness, relieve stress and create positive energy by offering affordable, authentic and accessible Yoga to everyone.

A dynamic fluent performance of Asana, closely knit with synchronized Ujjayi breathing, with attention for Mudra & Bandha and one-pointed-concentration on the medium line of the body.

“Yogam: linking with the supreme” – Bhagavad Gita

Shadow Yoga

Method yoga in new york city
Method Fitness offers yoga as well as other personal fitness options in nyc

Yoga Arts
Yoga Arts Byron Bay – yoga teacher training & yoga retreats.

Yoga Age
All you need to know about yoga, Resource of classic yoga texts, Directory of Yoga studios and Teachers, Asana Photos and more.

More Yoga Links


Sanctuary Retreat
For unique yoga retreats and holidays

Prema Sanctuary Yoga and Meditation Retreat
Situated in the magnificent World heritage Daintree rainforest in far North Queensland.

Yoga Retreat Centre India

Yoga Holidays

Desa Seni Village Resort
Desa Seni has also launched the first of its kind in Bali, One day yoga retreats, held once a month on Sunday. These retreats focus on wellness and yoga through food, art, dance and music.

YATAN Holistic Ayurvedic Centre
YATAN Holistic Ayurvedic Centre in Sydney offers a wide range of Ayurvedic treatments and products that will help restore your body’s natural state of balance, and enhance your health and wellbeing.

New Leaf Detox Resort
An Internationally recognised 3 star Asian detox health resort. New Leaf offers an exclusive detox fasting program.


Meditation and Yoga
Learn the art of meditation and yoga from an enlightened master, Anandmurti Gurumaa. Find the right aasnas for yourself. Get stress relief and extreme relaxation with Guided Meditation Cds.

Jinma: A symbol of Growth and Personal Development:
By using Jinma as a free meditation device you can accelerate your personal growth and spiritual development. Full instructions for the meditation are included. Consider this a no nonsense, no frills meditation.

Real Seeing is Freeing

Guided meditation techniques
Learn different types of meditation in yoga with Guided Meditation techniques. Lear about meditation with Video tutorials to help you in your practice.

Meditation Info Guide
A complete guide on meditation with information on meditation techniques, meditation methods, meditation music and meditation furniture.


Coma-Toes design and manufacture a practical range of special products that communicate a ‘be good to yourself’ feeling.

Byron Yoga Clothing
Yoga clothes. Mens & Womens. Pants & Tops. Great Colors. Secure Online Shop.

Yoga Bliss Online Shop
If you’re passionate about Yoga, you’ll love Yoga Bliss. Beautiful yoga clothes, yoga mats, yoga blankets, yoga bags, incense, hand–carved sculptures, jewellery and other yoga equipment.

Yoga Clothes for Men
At last! A Yoga site devoted to yoga gear just for men. Find your yoga mat, yoga mat bag, yoga clothing and all the yoga equipment you need without wading through capri pants, camisoles or lycra bootleg pants. . .

Yoga Products
At Divine Goddess believe that many people not only want to feel good from their practice of yoga but also look good. We have created stunning and eye catching products that make up our yoga accessories.

Yoga Gurl
clothing with heart, that inspires the wearer….

Soul Song Yoga and Leisure wear


The National Arbor Day Foundation
This official site of the National Arbor Day Foundation provides information about planting and caring for trees, our Rain Forest Rescue and Tree City USA programs, and much more. Buy trees and give a gift of trees through our Trees in Memory and Trees for America programs.

Australian Health & Fitness Directory
This site is a dedicated directory to promote Health and Fitness within Australia.

Quit Day has a page on how meditation and alternative medicine helps people quit smoking.