Byron Yoga Retreat Centre retreat host Caitlin caught up with Jane, one of our guests who recently stayed with us on an 8 day retreat to find out about her experience on the retreat and what she has implemented into her lifestyle since leaving.

Name: Jane 

Location: Brisbane

Occupation: NFP Office Manager

Why did you decide to come on the retreat in Byron Bay?
After 5 years of a regular yoga practice, I spent a month in Bali loving all sorts of yoga but upon my return my life changed and I just stopped practicing. I wanted to retreat to Byron Bay to reinvigorate my passion for yoga and spend some time on myself. Also, Byron Bay offers the beach, great weather, nature, great food and people and I love it!

What was your highlight of your stay at Byron Yoga Retreat Centre?
There were so many highlights…the bright smiles from Caitlin and Sarah when we arrived, our lovely clean room, the stunning gardens and pool, the food (oh the food!!), the healthy cafe, the 6am Lighthouse walk with the inspirational John Ogilvie, the beautiful people, the fun student teachers, the many different yoga and meditation classes, the amazing choice of therapies and of course the location.

What was your favourite yoga pose during the retreat?
For me, it was more about the flows, rather than one pose – I loved the moon flow with Tara and I also enjoyed Sarah’s chakra dance meditation – what freedom!

Did you have any ‘ah-ha’ moments?
Gee, so many! One in particular that stood out was that I discovered that I can trust my higher self. It was really comforting to come to the conclusion that, whatever thoughtful decisions I make will be the right decisions because my higher self is involved. I can relax now.

How did you most benefit from the retreat?
I felt free in safe space with special friends, so I was able to relax, do whatever it was that I wanted to do and completely work on myself. I came away feeling completely at peace and was in a really good place. The retreat has brought me calm, has improved my state of mind and my relationships with myself and others.

Have you implemented any changes to your lifestyle since returning home?
Yes, I have joined my local yoga studio (yay!), have practiced yoga in my very own ‘garden shala’ with friends and family and I have made a batch of Kitchari every weekend for the week. I made it for my Dad and now he eats it every day!

What advice would you give for those considering a retreat?
Book yourself in! This is the best value and most rewarding retreat I have found. I did an 8-day retreat to fully immerse myself but there are 3 and 5 day retreats to get a taste. Experience the calm of the retreat, the passion from the teachers and the beauty of Byron Bay. Join me, I’ve booked in again for October! See you there!