Cristiana is a recent graduate of the 12 month part time 800 Hours Certificate IV in Yoga Teaching and has already started her teaching career, taking on some classes in Byron Bay and at Byron Yoga Retreat Centre. She is Italian, 30 years old and has been practicing yoga for over 5 years. “I was going to classes and retreats but I never though that one day I would hold classes like those beautiful teachers.” She told us. “That this process has happened was the result of being part of a great yoga school and doing a one year immersion in yoga and life in Byron Bay. I cannot think of a better environment to develop such great well rounded skills for the path of yoga teaching.”

What made you choose this course over all the other yoga teacher trainings out there?

I was attracted by the length of the course, to have 12 months of learning. Also the prestige and recognition of the final certification.

The course was 2 days each week, how did you spend your other 5 days and your holidays?

My yoga practice has been daily, and I discovered a weekly meditation group in town. I have been working in a busy restaurant for 4/5 days a week. During the school holidays I joined courses in other styles of yoga such as a yin yoga teacher training and an ashtanga intensive.

How did your teaching style develop over the year?

Class by class I have found my style, my words, my heart. Getting confidence through the consistency of the practical teaching opportunities of the course helped. I began to start really looking at the students during their practice and eventually began offering help and corrections. Although this is still developing I now feel I am more fluid and relaxed during the classes.

What 3 words best describe your experience? 

Focus – determination – transformed!

What was the biggest challenge of the year?

During the year in Byron Bay as well as the yoga course I also worked in hospitality. Working and studying together has been really challenging, mentally, physically spiritually and energetically.

How has the experience impacted your daily life / routine? 

After having incorporated the yoga principles in my life I am able to wake up every morning aware of who I am and what I want to create in this life. I am able to live better with the people around me, my flatmates and the people I meet. I am able to walk in the street proud of my body. I am able to really feel my needs and understand where they are coming from.

What’s next on your yoga path?

I am planning to go to India for a couple of months. After this I want to keep on teaching and eventually open a studio.

Any tips or advice for future international students considering this course?

My only tip is to keep your heart open to receive. Try to leave fears behind you and surrender to the 8 limbs of Yoga.