Wesleigh is from Atlanta USA and is one of the first graduates from our 12 month part time Certificate IV course. She has been practicing yoga regularly since she was 15 and is super excited to be starting her teaching journey with the platform of a 12 month 800 hour RYT course.

What 3 words best describe your experience on this course? 

Challenging, transformational, fun!

What changes did you experience over the 12 months physically, mentally and emotionally / or spiritually?

My body has most definitely grown stronger. The regular meditation practice has become a beautiful anchor for my mind and my emotions- I have the tools now and I know what I’m capable of changing or softening with a regular mindfulness practice. Spiritually, I feel more connected to the purpose of yoga- I know why I’m choosing this path as a teacher and I know what I’m aiming to share through this practice- whereas before maybe I was not quite sure.

What do you see as the main benefits of choosing a 12 month part time course over a much shorter intensive training?

You have so much more time to take everything in! There is no rushing, you have a whole year to absorb what you are learning and there is plenty of time for integration and svadhyaya or self-study.

Which sessions did you most resonate with? 

Everyone had unique gifts to share! I really enjoyed all of the time we got to spend with Maria Kirsten. Listening to her changed how I will approach my yoga and how I choose to teach forever. I wish we could have spent more time with her!

The course was 2 days each week, how did you spend your other 5 days and your holidays?

I spent the other bits of my time making vegetarian food here in the kitchen at the BYC, teaching yoga and meditating at the beautiful beaches. My first holiday I headed off to New Zealand for a road trip but, the rest of the holiday breaks I simply enjoyed working more hours and having time off to adventure around beautiful Byron!

What are your future aspirations? What will you do with the Certificate?

Teach, teach, teach!

I feel super passionate about my sadhana and this way of living life. Yoga is now a big part of my mission. How many people can we inspire to live brighter, healthier, fulfilled lives in our lifetime? I’m on a mission to find out!

Any tips or advice for future internationals students considering this course?

If you come, come with an open mind and an open heart. This way of teaching and practice might feel different to what you’re used to at first, especially if you’ve been practicing the typical fast-paced version of yoga like me, the teachings here can redefine your whole yoga practice if you let them. They will take you back so that you can start from the beginning again, helping you to find your foundation first and move forward from there. With a strong focus on teaching safe yoga, not just popular yoga. I highly recommend this training.