Yoga has had a profound and lasting impact on all of us at Byron Yoga Centre. Here, we share the yoga stories from our team members…


Meet regular Byron Yoga Centre teacher, Bettina.

How did your yoga journey start? Through dance and gymnastics as a young girl, I found that certain stretches helped. In the 70s all my friends went to India to find inner peace. Repeatedly I travelled to Poona Maharashtra in order to be with my guru, and I came across the Iyengar Institute. I found that most of my meditating friends lacked physical fitness and that in the fitness industry there was no inner depth. 

Why did you become a yoga teacher?  Yoga helped me so naturally I wanted to share that. I could combine my understanding of meditation and fitness (a lot of aerobic moves are fast yoga asanas). I loved the discipline  at the Iyengar Institute and the celebration and freedom at the Osho ashram. I was the first yoga teacher in the ashram.

What yoga pose puts a smile on your face? Yoga Nidrasana the Yogic arm chair. I know it is corny and looks rude, but it always stretches my lower back and puts a smile on the faces of everyone who is watching. 

What have you learned about life from yoga? Without yoga my mind would run wild. I am now in post menopause and I have seemed to weather it gracefully. I am giving thanks to all yogis before who brought the knowledge – you all helped to better my life.

How would you describe your yoga classes? Fusion of many styles, depending who comes to my classes. I am known to have a dynamic and advanced class, but that happens rarely these days. I try to give the body a really good workout and then move deeper into a meditative space.