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Kirsty Nugent – Newsletter Editor: Tell me a bit about the Evolve festival?

Miranda Burne – Director Evolve Festival: Evolve brings together the yoga community for a weekend and offers participants a huge variety of yoga classes from different traditions. If you regularly practice one particular style of yoga, Evolve gives you the opportunity to try something different.  There are also pranayama and meditation sessions you can attend as well as dance, chanting and lots of interesting discussions and presentations. So you don't have to do asana all day long!

Kirsty Nugent: I’ve heard you’ve included a new program at the next festival being held in Melbourne where yoga is free for beginners.

Miranda Burne: Yes, it’s called B-Free. Evolve recognises that we attract hundreds of regular yoga practitioners to our festivals, which is a wonderful thing, however we are also keen to share and promote yoga to as many people as possible as there are so many benefits to be gained from practicing yoga and living a more natural life.

B-Free was developed to help expose a wider audience to the benefits of yoga and encourage our friends and loved ones who might not think it’s a practice for them to join us at the festival.

Kirsty Nugent: How does B-Free work?

Miranda Burne:  A limited number of beginners can register to attend the selected sessions at the festival for free! Participants in B-Free will be issued with a special beginners wristband.  This will allow them to attend sessions identified on the program with the letter "B".  These are the only sessions at Evolve that you will be able to attend with the beginners wristband.

So, if your new to yoga or if you're a yogi with friends that you think would benefit from yoga get them to check this out.

Kirsty Nugent: What kinds of classes are included?

Miranda Burne: The sessions identified on the program with the letter "B" will be safe for beginners and welcoming to people who are new to yoga.  These sessions will include physical yoga classes where you can experience some of the yoga postures, as well as selected breathing and meditation sessions, and the chanting concert at the end of each day so a beginner can get an introduction into all the elements of this wonderful practice.

Kirsty Nugent: You can practice yoga for years and still have so much to learn. How does someone know they are really considered a beginner?

Miranda Burne:  This program is meant to give people a chance to try yoga for the first time. It’s free so they have absolutely nothing to lose and everything to gain. Very often people are too intimidated to try their first class so if you’ve already gotten over that barrier, been to a few classes or practice yoga regularly this program isn’t designed for you.

Kirsty Nugent: How will Evolve know someone is a beginner?

Miranda Burne:  When you register for the free beginner ticket you will be asked to tick a box stating that you are truly a beginner.  So we are depending on honesty. Of course, we expect that if you are a regular practitioner of yoga, you will be imbued with yogic values, and not inclined to cheat legitimate beginners out of the opportunity to be exposed to yoga free of charge.

Kirsty Nugent: How many B-Free tickets are there?

Miranda Burne:  B-Free places are limited as we can only have a limited number of classes tailored to the beginner yogi throughout the day. So it's first in best dressed.  If you’ve got a friend or family member new to yoga tht you’d like to bring along for free, don't miss out, and get them to register today!

Kirsty Nugent: How do they register?

Miranda Burne: The limited number of free beginners passes are available by registering online. After successful registration participants will be emailed a confirmation email.  They’ll be asked to bring this with them to reception on the day of the festival where they will be issued with a special beginners wristband.

Kirsty Nugent: If you’re in Melbourne on March 3rd or 4th this is a wonderful opportunity to introduce a friend to yoga for free and share a very special yoga festival vibe. Just click on the link below to register for Evolve’s B-Free Program:

B-Free Registration For Melbourne Saturday 3th March 2012

B-Free Registration For Melbourne Sunday 4th March 2012

Evolve Festival


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