Donna Farhi  (Harper Collins, 2004)

Packing up home, preparing for our journey to India, my book collection became ever smaller until only three books remained beside my backpack. One of them, Donna Farhi’s ‘Bringing Yoga to Life’, is a soft paperback, ideal for travel, that can be read from cover to cover or dipped into for daily inspiration. Demonstrating the ‘everyday practice of enlightened living’ through the experience of her students and the impact of yoga in their lives, Donna explores yoga both on and off the mat.

It feels so relevant to a theme I’m passionate about – life beyond the retreat. Weaving philosophy into her writing, yogic concepts and spiritual texts are explained in such a practical way that I find it an irresistible read every time!

Review by Christine Lines


These are beautifully and sensitively written guidelines for yogic living.

I devoured this book in a couple of days, unable to put it down, and then began again at the beginning to give myself time to absorb each page and the many teachings spoken, beginning to feel like I already know this person, she writes from my own heart.

When I had the great fortune to be able to combine a visit to my daughter with a Donna Farhi workshop earlier this year, I jumped at the chance. Now each morning, as I light incense and a candle at my altar and set my intention for the day, I include in my heartfelt offering of gratitude thanks for my personal experience of this remarkable woman and her embodiment of enlightened living.

Editors note:  two of our staff happened to read this little gem of Donna Farhi’s, so we’ve included both reviews to provide you with two different perspectives.

Second Review by Gitam Garden