Wellness retreats, once taken only by wandering hippies or cashed up celebs, now seem to be for everyone from your boss to your Great Aunt Susan! A wide variety of people are looking to take time out from life’s day to day ‘trappings’ in an effort to reboot, re charge and restore wellness.  So what exactly is a wellness retreat? What goes on at Byron Yoga Retreat Centre?

All kinds of delicious things! Massages. Healthy nourishing food. Beach walks. Yoga. Meditation… and depending on the type of wellness retreat, there may be activities such as surfing, cooking classes or varying styles of yoga like Yin. Whilst these are the affairs of the modern retreat there are certainly other reasons to take time out.

The Cambridge dictionary defines the meaning of retreat as “to go away from a place or person in order to escape from fighting or danger”. While the words “escaping from ‘fighting’ and ‘danger’” may sound extreme, reflection may find that this is actually what lays at the heart of the modern idea of retreating.

Often there is a catalyst for those who choose to attend a wellness retreat. The retreat marks the end of something. Or perhaps the pause between events or life changes. The retreat provides the chance to not only give to the physical body in a nourishing way, but some quiet space for mental reflection at the same time.

Taking time out at least once a year to attend a wellness retreat is a wonderful way to give back to you and reset the body systems. True, a retreat is an escape of sorts, but it is also a step toward that new beginning…