The Byron Yoga Centre Teacher Training courses include daily asana practice; either a yoga class or throughout the day during sessions. We strongly recommend that applicants have a consistent asana practice and are relatively comfortable practicing daily.

People with a foundation in the basic and fundamental yoga postures are suited for this training. An advanced practitioner is not necessarily a person who can move deeply into advanced postures; an advanced practitioner is someone who comes to the mat with a level of maturity, a willingness to learn and an understanding of the limits of their own body.

This course is not ideally suited to people completely new to yoga and we recommend you develop your asana practice first through local classes to learn the fundamentals of yoga basics. During the training you will deepen your understanding of the asanas while simultaneously learning how to teach.

If you have a regular yoga practice you may be more ready than you realise. We encourage you to call the Byron Yoga Centre and talk to the founder John Ogilvie on (02) 6685 8327 if you’re uncertain of your suitability for the training.