Find your spirit in Bali this March

Feeling the need to recharge your spirit? Or how about simply connecting with like-minded yogis on a tropical island? The BaliSpirit Festival is on again in March 2016 - a spiritually charged event that inspires [...]

Find your spirit in Bali this March2017-06-08T17:28:46+10:00

A taste of India

It’s 6.30am in Pondicherry, India, and my sweat tastes like insect repellent. Wiping my brow with a sarong, I contemplate which is the more yogic option: killing insistent mosquitoes with my hand, or lathering my [...]

A taste of India2017-06-08T17:29:26+10:00

Bali: the land of smiles and yoga

By Ana Davis Every time I go to Bali, the moment I step out of the airport into the steamy, nasi-goreng scented air, I start smiling. I just can’t help myself. Smiling is contagious in [...]

Bali: the land of smiles and yoga2018-10-19T09:07:59+11:00