Women’s Health Retreat

Why Choose a Women's only Health Retreat? Yoga and wellness retreats have been around for awhile now. Offering people a chance to rest and recuperate and kick start healthy habits to take into daily life.

Lonely Planet’s ’10 reasons you’ll love Byron Bay’

We know why we love Byron Bay, and we are so pleased to share the Yoga Bliss through Lonely Planet's 10 reasons you’ll love Byron Bay. To check out the the list click here

Byron Yoga Retreat Centre named in Top 10 for a Weekend Break

We are proud to have been included in the Top 10 Relaxing Weekend Getaways in Australia by Bupa Australia! To check out the list click here

Looking for a yoga retreat?

Looking for a yoga retreat? Rather than trawling through the endless lists of international offerings, perhaps what you are looking for is closer than you think. Byron Yoga Centre offers an affordable and genuine yoga

Health Retreats in NSW – How to prepare for a retreat

Looking to take time out but aren’t sure what to do or where to begin? Perhaps it’s time for a health retreat. Byron Yoga Centre is the ideal destination for a yoga health retreat in

Wellness Retreats – Who are they for?

Wellness retreats, once taken only by wandering hippies or cashed up celebs, now seem to be for everyone from your boss to your Great Aunt Susan! A wide variety of people are looking to take

Self vs selfish – the truth and power of retreats

With the end of the year rapidly approaching, many of us are feeling depleted, drained or completely overwhelmed. In this article, John Ogilvie talks about how he uses this time of year to re-assess and

Get with the BaliSpirit Festival Buzz

Written by Stacey Clarke, Maitri Yoga Click Here for Maitri Yoga facebook With so many inspirational personalities available to tap into, the BaliSpirit Festival 2013 promises yet another great year of total yoga immersion and

Retreating to life

Written by Gabrielle Tourelle For one retreat participant battling health problems, the power of going on retreat to Byron Yoga Centre crept up on her, resulting in revolutionary decisions and life changes. The decision to

Rejuvenating by retreating

Written by Christine Lines With the onset of winter bringing cooler temperatures and shorter days, we naturally begin to hibernate and develop more of an internal focus. Following the natural rhythm of nature, some animals