If you have been procrastinating about a booking a retreat or teacher training, 2019 is an ideal year to really progress your yoga journey, Tabata tells us that this year is ‘The Inner Warrior Year.’

While 2018 was ruled by Jupiter, the planet of expansion, growth and spiritual and intellectual development, 2019 is the year of Mars, The God of War, ruler of Aries and Scorpio. Mars is the planet of power, strength, energy and courage. 2019 is asking you to recognise and overcome fears and desires, and Tabata expresses this as ‘the time of our Inner Warrior.’

Tabata explains: ‘2018 was the year of dropping masks; now in 2019 we have the opportunity to see ourselves and each other as the true self. By connecting with your Inner Warrior you will be shown the challenges and given the strength to overcome these obstacles to be the change you always wanted. This is a time for positive battles – but watch out for fiery decisions and impulsivity!

The major planetary movements in 2019 that will affect all of us include:

  • Saturn sextile Neptune: your spiritual pursuits may bring material gain. You will have a deeper understanding of your spiritual goals and how they contribute in the big picture. It is a great time for a retreat, a time to develop and go deeper into your yoga as a spiritual and holistic practice.
  • Jupiter square Neptune: this will test your faith when disappointments are presented. Or maybe your trust in someone will prove to be over idealized, in which case the important thing is to cut from the roots, to disengage and have a fresh start. Also, take care with your resources.
  • Jupiter trine Uranus in December 2019: if your life has felt stagnant – this is the time to open up and try something new and different.
  • There will be a shift on the Node that passed in 2018 in Leo and its complementary opposite Aquarius where we had several eclipses. Eclipses are a time for changes and in 2019 the eclipses will be happening in Cancer and the opposite complementary sign of Capricorn. These signal changes and new directions in the family, personal life and in dedication to work. There is an exception of the January eclipse which is in Leo.
  • 2019 asks for maturity, responsibility, work, taking care of your health and family and it recommends we find some time for balance… haven’t we all asked for this at some point in our life? It is the moment to understand the right time for each aspect of our life.

I see 2019 to be a turning point, as time for action! We have the opportunity to build a new reality despite all the obstacles that will be presented to us. We will be stronger after the lessons we will learn this year.

Wishing you a magnificent Inner Warrior 2019!


You need to find a rhythm that is compatible with both you internal and external worlds. It is important that you find your tribe, that you surround yourself with people with whom you have a strong affinity. Traveling and studying are highlighted for you this year. You are likely to make an important and meaningful journey. Courses and learning are also on the cards for you. Your intuition is strong, so listen to it! Love and friendship tend to walk side by side for you in 2019. There is potential for you to build your future in a consistent, organized and dedicated way that establishes a strong foundation for daily life. It’s important that you take care of your health, that you make this a priority every day. Pay special attention to any existing issues and seek remedies, exploring natural treatments and ensuring your diet is full of fresh good organic foods. A key element to guarantee wellbeing this year is to choose a slower pace, a calm lifestyle with quality over quantity.


You may feel like you are in a hurry this year. Your challenge is to keep grounded within a situation that demands energy and effort. It’s a good time to start new projects, to plan for the future and to engage with the most important elements in your life. It could be beneficial to join forces with others. But to be successful you need to let go of your tendency for stubbornness and listen to others. The stars are predicting big changes in the next few years! In relationships, it is important to be more pragmatic in dealing with future partners, plan the future of the relationship with each other. Once the structure is secure, you will become more sensual and relationships are set to be more intense. You are also likely to be very focused on work and career this year. Taking a course connected to your work can improve your resume and advance your career. Be careful to choose wisely, look for recognized and properly certified courses. 2019 is offering you the opportunity to take the initiative and use your creativity more. It will be a busy year so try to find moments to relax, perhaps take a retreat! Practicing yoga, a sport or hobby is essential to maintain your vitality. Take care to avoid or manage any stress and anxiety, which can generate not only physical but emotional imbalances. The practice of yoga and meditation will help.


This promises to be a busy year, just the way you like it Geminis! There are so many new opportunities. You can structure and consolidate what you have already been doing while also growing further. Your intuition is amplified and with so much inspiration, you will generate even more incredible ideas. The planets promise an increase in focus and concentration and this will enable you to connect to everything in greater depth, a guarantee of joy and good results. Also you have the ingredients to be lucky in love! The only problem is finding the time to dedicate yourself to another person, as you already have so much to do! It’s worthwhile to include love on your agenda, to cultivate more visibility and more success. You will be more inspired and can take your ideas even further into fruition Your intellectual activities are predicted to grow. A course or trip can stimulate your mind and bring even more opportunities. Beware of impulse spending! Control yourself! Yoga will help take care not only of the body, but also of the mind, and this will improve your overall performance and energy levels. It will be a busy year so try to find moments to rest and be with your family or close friends to create some space and balance.


You will be very attuned to details in 2019. Watch and be acutely aware of everything that happens! A busy year is predicted, full of travel, learning and remarkable encounters! This is an important time to be among friends and to assert yourself more, speaking out for what you want will also motivate others. A journey with a spiritual purpose or a connection to self-knowledge can be an important milestone in your life. Spiritualize yourself! Love needs to be taken care of every day. There will be periods of expansion and great opportunities in your professional life. Do not be afraid to be the leader of your team. It’s time to take on great responsibilities. Your health is likely to improve significantly as your day to day routine flows and the details of your life are in good working order. But stay vigilant! Excesses and amplifications are your greatest risk. Keeping a healthy routine is a good way to take care of yourself.


Your year may be more difficult if you try to rush things too much. Try to take one step at a time and lead life at a steady pace. Be careful not to overload your schedule. Enjoy every moment, every encounter and every little happiness that you experience. It’s also time to work on your self esteem and value yourself more! Try to be more open and flexible. It could be a year of discovering your talents and gifts. You may experience an intense passion. When you fall in love, you tend to give yourself willingly and wildly with your full heart! This year offers a phase of passionate affection and sexual intensity, with important discoveries. Live these new sensations. You have the opportunity to take on more responsibility and so your work routine may increase. It is important to move forward despite obstacles, try to conduct situations in a way that the outcome is favorable to you. It is worth investing in work relationships; in partnerships, investing time and energy in making contacts and increasing communication with your customers or colleagues. The financial area of your life calls for caution and increased organization. Your health may feel the challenges from the overload of a routine full of responsibilities, things to do, and many stressful activities. Move the body, yoga is excellent for you at this time. It is essential to balance the moments of obligation with time for leisure and happiness. Cherish every moment you have for yourself, these will give you strength and energy to get through the year successfully.


Make time to take care of you. Take the time to look at your needs and to take care of yourself to the best of your abilities. It is essential to care for your body and also to look at what you need in life, what you want in life! Your routine flows better in 2019. You dream more and you can accomplish what you want by following the signs and being connected to your emotions. It is important to be more open and flexible about life and also to pay attention to details. Love and romance is in the air; you will experience a period of deeper connection with the person/people you love. You’re less shy, more outgoing, more open. This will translate into a being who is full of love to give! Do not be afraid to express yourself and to talk about your ideas! Try to be more creative on a day to day basis and make your work routine as enjoyable as possible. Try not to hold on to negative experiences and emotions, these can be stored in your body and cause disharmony. So move your body, get in touch with nature, do things you like and make plenty of room for pleasure in your every day routine.


It’s a such a busy year for you and full of things happening at the same time! You may experience unusual situations and there is a risk of anxiety and some stress. Overall this promises to be a great year, with good feelings and enjoyable experiences. Try to conduct your routines more lightly and do not lose faith! Having a spiritual practice in your day to day life will be essential in order to maintain your wellbeing. Be passionate about every experience that crosses your path without fear of the outcome. This will lead to a more fun life, full of emotion and excitement. If you are in a relationship, look for things you can do together to connect even more, sharing each other’s needs and dreams. Travel will be very beneficial to the relationship. Use more of your creativity and connect to the inspiration that is so potent right now. You can rescue an old dream, an old project, something you have not had the opportunity to complete in the past. Just be careful not to create too many high expectations and do not trust the wrong people – your intuition can help with that! Be careful not to spend too much money as this can lead to unnecessary anxiety. Think about the future in relation to finances. 2019 is predicting you will be in good health, but you may suffer from distraction and therefore be more susceptible to minor accidents and injuries. Be careful not to take on energies from the environment and other people, which may lower your vitality.


It’s a year to talk less and act more! Plan every detail and just do what it takes. Choose wisely who you want to have on your side. You may be inspired to do a cleansing in your friendships and relationships, letting go of those who you no longer resonate with, and this will only be positive. Family matters gain special strength and it is a good time to build closer relationships to your relatives. Staying at home will be beneficial. Cultivate love and attention to your home. You are more romantic and more focused on bonding and are likely to get more involved with the people you love. Try to have lots of fun in the company of others, and do not fear showing the love that you feel. Take the initiative, make a commitment, declare yourself. You can not control love. Beware to recognise jealousy, which can generate fights and arguments. Just trust in love! Work tends to flow smoothly without major changes. Recognise what is working, then slowly and steadily create any changes you want. Partnerships are beneficial and generate positive results. If you can, work from home more. The house and the family are your refuge in 2019. You are predicted have good health and wellbeing most of the year but you may suffer from small worries. Life demands lightness, take pleasure in day to day activities and include more interaction with those you love. Playing a musical instrument or dancing can offer you a good escape. Make time for any activities that help take care of you and your health.


It is a highly advantageous time! Jupiter, your ruling planet, is in your sign and during the year will pass by your Sun. This promises growth, luck, expansion, good news and general happiness. This will be a relief after a few challenging years. Now it’s time to reap the rewards and have conviction and confidence back in your life. Be your natural cheerful and upbeat self. Enjoy the predicted fun and travel this year. You will experience wonderful intimate moments of deeper exchange and love. A good year for beginnings. Start new projects, take on new challenges and responsibilities. Not everything will be simple, and the year calls for a significant investment of time and energy if you want successful results. Reviewing your values ​​will be good for all outcomes. With lots of projects on the horizon, you may become more anxious. Practicing yoga or a sport, investing time in your spiritual practices and maintaining strong communication with your family are all essential in maintaining your wellbeing this year. Outdoor activities and being in nature are also good methods for self care.


With Saturn and Pluto in your sign and moving closer together, 2019 is a fantastic year for you! It may be difficult, full of challenges and responsibility but the year has the potential to assemble many important things in your life. Try to connect with your highest and most significant projects, and put in more energy to drive them forward. It is a good year for travel and experiences that open and relax your mind. Show more love and affection into your relationships. Try to demonstrate what you feel in a clear and tender way, put your heart into every dialogue. Try to show with expressive actions that you value the relationship. 2019 is a year to calm the heart. Try to be more inspired and creative. Talking about ideas with friends or work colleagues will help you successfully establish each project. Courses are good investments, including those that have nothing to do with your work but which expand your creativity. You need to remember to take care of the body, which tends to get stiffer when overloaded. Physical activities like yoga are the most beneficial. Spend energy wisely and with care to avoid chronic or past injuries coming back.


2019 looks set to be a happy year for you and full of opportunities. You may experience an increase in worry and you need to be careful not to carry emotional weight for no reason. If you have accumulated doubts, this is the year to let them go and clear your emotional path. Your circle of friends is likely to grow and if you want to move, this is also a great year for that. If you focus and put in the work you can make your biggest dreams come true. Take care of those you love! Find a balance between the time you are together and the space for your own self care. The more you value yourself, the more love you will have in your life. With planning and diligence, you can grow and be happier in your profession. And there is potential that you can achieve a professional dream this year. It is important to have a good structure to balance family and time together. Your health looks good this year, but nurture it to ensure it is maintained. The best method for wellbeing is to take pleasure in your daily life and do things you love to do. Try to blend moments of enjoyment into every day and take special care of your mind, your heart and your energy. A good year to do self work or therapy, and to cleanse those denser emotions that we tend to accumulate throughout our lives. Your body will feel peace as a reflection.


2019 is a year to chase after your dreams and accomplish some of them. It’s time to actively pursue what you want, take the initiative and you will succeed! A great year to revisit the projects dearest to your heart or to go back to doing something you loved to do in the past and that you may have let go of when life got busy. It is important to keep an open mind for new opportunities. A good year to make a stronger commitment and dedicate yourself wholly to the one/s who you love. Try to revive your naturally romantic way of being, it is time to demonstrate with actions and words what you feel. Taking care of each detail in your regular routine is fundamental for love to flourish. Take care of yourself too, and your partner will also value you even more. A year of growth and great opportunities, you may be offered a valuable promotion or a fantastic opportunity. If you are not totally happy with what you are doing then follow your dreams, do what you love, dare to take a risk and you will find happiness. Caring for your health is essential to create the energy you need to accomplish everything this year offers you. Take time to practice yoga or a sport, eat well and enjoy your passions. Contact with art and music will be beneficial, so dance, sing, paint or create. Travelling can offer valuable space to re-energize your body and your spirit. Being alone, meditating and resting is also good for your health. Take care of yourself to better enjoy your year!

By Tabata Ogilvie, inspired by astrologers Vanessa Tuleski, Titi Vidal, Isabel Muller and Claudia Lisboa