The Autumn Equinox on 21 March marked the start of the New Astrological Year. Tabata Ogilvie, the resident astrologer on the Women’s Retreats at Byron Yoga Retreat Centre, has prepared an in-depth overview of the planets and also individual interpretations for each of the 12 signs.

What’s in store for you?

The Equinox and the New Astrological Year by Tabata Ogilvie

The Equinox and the New Astrological Year on 21 March brings new hope and beginnings. As I mentioned in the previous newsletter – this is the year of expansion. Jupiter, the planet ruling this year, is in the deep waters of Scorpio and it represents our hopes, our values and our beliefs in the search for a deeper meaning of what is important in your life. It is the time to re-access or create the deep meanings that express your purpose in this life.

The start of the Astrological New Year, will trigger profound reflection as Jupiter, planet of values, beliefs, luck and expansion is retrograde until 10 July 10 in the sign of Scorpio. This is a time to consider deeply your values and to search for true answers about what is truly most important to you and your life. This time is asking you to take a deep dive within. To review your essence, your priorities, your beliefs, your values and your focus. By doing this you will allow yourself to review and reassess without fear – so the year of expansion can be fully embraced.

Find out more details for the year ahead and check your own sign: Aries, Taurus, Gemini, Cancer, Leo, Virgo, Libra, Scorpio, Sagittarius, Capricorn, Aquarius, Pisces

Also, Mercury is retrograding a few days after the Astrological New Year begins. When the planet of communications, technologies, and contracts will be in retrograde – so back up your computer and files before 23 March and until 16 April it’s best not to sign contracts or make big decisions. Unless you have Mercury in retrograde in your birth chart, then this will be a great time for you to express yourself.

When Mercury is in retrograde this is the best time to retreat, re-think, re-evaluate, re-view and reflect. This year Mercury will retrograde in the fire star signs: Aries (March-April), Leo (July-August) and Sagittarius (November-December). So choose these times to retreat with us, to go deep within yourself and heal your soul.

Check the area that you have Capricorn in your astrological birth chart as it is with Pluto (the planet of metamorphosis, transformation, birth and death) and Saturn (the planet of maturity, responsibility, structure, stability) and consider how these two extreme energies relate to your life during this year.

Another important movement is the entrance of Uranus (advanced ideas, uniqueness ideas, no pattern) entering the earth star sign of Taurus and staying for seven years. This will make us think of new ways to deal with money and our values.

This all offers a good start to the Astrological New Year – as long as you know how to make the best use of your energy. You can be sure that your last seven years of hard work and being true to your values with yourself and others will pay off.

There is also an emphasis on the female power and energy reshaping the global community. The importance of this balance between female and male is in every way reflected in our bigger community/society. The women’s movement has been taken into the mainstream, for equal rights, equal salaries, marching, organizing and building power. Events such as the Women’s March, the survivors and their stories of sexual harassment and assault in the #METOO movement, the speech of Oprah Winfrey at the 2018 Golden Globe and the pregnancy of the New Zealand prime minister – these events are calling attention to reeducate man about how our collective socialization has resulted in a culture that devalues woman allowing many forms of violence and discrimination that harms us all.

In saying that I would to emphasize the importance of harmony between the female and masculine energies in each one of us during the equinox period as this vibration of opposite and complementary energies are on the surface, just like the day and night are the same in the equinox date.

I have prepared the interpretation of the 12 Star Signs for this astrological year. Enjoy the reading!

  • Aries: 2018 will be a year of transformation, challenges and possible delays. Your mantra for this year is: patience is a virtue. Saturn crosses the professional sector to bring definitions in your life, Saturn will reward, or not, depending on everything that you have done in professional terms over the last seven years. 2018 will demand an unexpected maturity, which can be felt as excessive. Pluto will pressure you and bring obstacles. When this happens, make sure you make the necessary adjustments to accept your current reality. Go with the flow. Don’t rush. Time is your best friend. Meditation is a great tool for this year and for your life. From November 2018 life expansion and new opportunities will come your way.

  • Taurus: You will have an enlightening and sentimental period. Jupiter is in the field of relationships and some will be married in 2018! This is a good time in your life to plan and carry out projects. Pluto brings rebirth, progress and growth. Uranus enters your star sign in May brining a greater need for change and freedom, taking you to new territories. You should take care to understand your limitations; your resistance to change and I encourage you to be pro-active in letting go of past situations and limitations so you reach authenticity and self-expression.

  • Gemini:  Your professional life will be in a stage of expansion and renewal until October. A time of great intuition. Neptune will bring tiredness and perhaps a distortion of reality. You may need to change careers. By May you can take advantage of the positive winds of change brought by Uranus’ charitable appearance. Your ruling planet Mercury will be retrograde in the fire signs this year; this is a great moment to ignite all forms of relationships. In November there will be relief of difficulties and improvement and opportunities with the focus of attention on relationships.

  • Cancer: This is an intense year! Do not miss opportunities to expand your creative potential. Jupiter is giving you extra confidence and potential for rewarding experiences. The solar eclipse on 13 July helps you to pioneer new projects. From May Uranus could promote a breakthrough in life. Motherhood can be a key issue and there could be some fragile times due to the tension of Pluto promoting family changes. This is a great year for creativity and sensitivity due to the positivity of Neptune. Commitment is essential in everything you put your heart into. Love and pleasure are vitally important to you this year.

  • Leo: You should be wise this year in making your moves! Since the total lunar eclipse in Leo on 31 January, the Bluemoon, Supermoon and Redmoon bought you in touch with your creative instincts, preparing you to start new projects and innovations. Uranus may cause you to commit in excesses, which is a natural tendency. Jupiter in the family home favors the real estate sector. Saturn in the house of work demands order and excellence. Go with the flow and do not resist change. Mercury retrogrades from 26 July to 19 August so take some time for reflection during this period. The solar eclipse in Leo on 11 August is a good time for a new way forward. It is a year of expansion in life, creations and innovation.

  • Virgo: Several planets are positively converging with Jupiter, Saturn, and Uranus all in favor. Until October Jupiter works to expand life and increase your popularity. Make the most of the opportunities ahead when things will flow with the winds of freedom and progress of Uranus. This is a very important year to ground your feet and build strong foundations for your next 10 years. It is the time to be the best version of yourself and to project your good reputation. This approach will fortify you for the challenges of the next 5 years. Pay special attention and have caution from November with potential family intensity.

  • Libra: You will begin the year dealing with your Karma. This year will test your resilience with yourself and others. You will know when it is time to move on from situations or relationships that have reached their expiry date. Someone may even help you to turn the page. From 23 March to 14 April the planet Mercury will retrograde and it is a good time to review your current position. You may have changes in work and family life and perhaps tension due to sudden changes. Your financial sector is illuminated and some obstacles and tensions may occur. Structuring family life is a part of 2018. In November, there will be relief from difficulties with improvement and opportunities.

  • Scorpio: A very blessed sign in 2018! Jupiter, Saturn, Neptune and Pluto all blowing in favor of the mysterious Scorpio. You are entering a new cycle of 12 years. You can count on Saturn’s help to structure your life. Jupiter will be in this constellation until November, which will expand your life without exception bringing good fortune and health. You will experience optimism, confidence and pleasure throughout the year. Just be careful with extravagance. Venus retrograde from 5 to 31 October and will help you to put the brakes on and review what is important to you. New adventures will broaden your mind to new perspectives, maybe a new course, something new that will give you so much pleasure. This is the year to stretch yourself to pursue your true purpose.

  • Sagittarius: You can take a deep breath at the beginning of the year because the planet Saturn has gone out of your zone! Liberation is what you will feel! If you take risks in the first half of the year, you will be able to live more authentically. Until May you can take advantage of the blessings Uranus brings – opportunities and advancement of life. From the 26 of June to 26 of August Mars is in retrograde and you will find your pace slowing down, your brain will be full of ideas, but it will be difficult to implement them during this period, after 26 August you will feel free again. You must be careful with the tension of Neptune, don’t fall in your illusions. From 17 November until 1 December Mercury will retrograde, brining delays and re-scheduling could occur. From November on, the sun will shine for you because of the entrance of your ruler Jupiter in your sign until December 2019!

  • Capricorn: You will be put to the test during 2018. Your ruling planet Saturn will bring you the seeds you have you sown. You will feel the weight of the responsibilities. This year could be very rewarding as you enjoy the fruits of your labour. You will learn valuable lessons. After May you will have relief due to the winds of Uranus bringing new chances of change. Jupiter, the great beneficent lies in your career, to bring about improvement, but avoid starting anything new until August. You are under the strong winds of Pluto bringing the transformation of life.
  • Aquarius: This is a year to go with the flow. Accepting the tensions, obstacles, adversities, and sudden and unforeseen circumstances. Knowing this you can be prepared and deal with these adversities smoothly. Saturn occupies the sector of the 12th house of reflection, spiritual deepening and opportunities for growth and self-expression. The solar eclipse on 16 February was perfect for initiating new projects and partnerships. Jupiter is in tension with the Sun, the tendency will be to commit in excesses, so respect your limits. There will be tension around the total lunar eclipse in Aquarius on 28 July, please focus inwards. In November, there will be life improvement, and opportunities.
  • Pisces: You will receive blessings from the planets, Jupiter, Saturn and Uranus and be encouraged to make good connections, brining expansion and luck. You will have no complaints in 2018. You could easily get lost in the pleasure of life but be careful to not be lazy. Uranus will bring sudden opportunities. You will benefit from the good winds of Jupiter until October. Creativity will be heightened; unexpected situations will bring the advancement of life. Ensure you spend as much time nurturing yourself and re-energizing your own batteries as you do others. Try to root yourself in reality so 2018 becomes an inspirational year.

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