A Cherished Thank You

My Byron Bay 8 day retreat has helped me find myself and I like her, she’s an amazing person thank you!
I’d like to thank all the wonderful people at Byron Yoga Centre…. Pippa was warm, calm, friendly, relaxed full of positive practical knowledge that has enriched my love for the yoga, life and my wellbeing My one on one time was very much appreciated and cherished thank you (for the building blocks of safe practise).

Nicole was fresh, bright, keen, passionate, helpful and full of knowledge that has also ingrained deep within me for the good positive wonderful things life has to offer.

Ross was calm gentle warm understanding has brought to me (shown) (taught) that its simple relaxation, it doesn’t take much to feel truly calm, relaxed and at peace with yourself. I loved restorative and nidra yoga, but once again it’s the chanting that wins hands down, the music is so soothing it touched my heart.

Caitlin with her bright blue eyes and wide, warming smile was so keen and deeply passionate about her surroundings -its infectious to the soul. I could see and feel her knowledge and joyous will to share and guide others. I loved her restorative and yin yoga classes (the legs up the wall, the fountain of youth pose!) plus the true bliss of the lighthouse walk.

Madhava helped ground me and made me aware in the moment, at peace. He was so full of great knowledge (I could connect) and see those qualities that were within him which brought comfort to me. I learnt that discipline – that’s the key!!!!

Kitchen staff – all gorgeous, friendly and amazing cooks. The meals were truly delicious, filling and fruitful for my health. I bloomed within and on the external (my face has cleared up), the cooking demonstration was true encouragement to embrace this healthy way of living.

The lovely gardener shared her sweet knowledge and passion which has also pulled me to embrace this productive way of growing preparing and experiencing the gorgeous garden.
The sweetest warmest kindest memorable person I won’t ever forget is the singing lady, whom loves life and embraces every opportunity with a positive warm hug. I felt loved thank you.

The Cleaning\garden staff were all totally warm, friendly, positive and happy in this wonderful infectious environment you have made. You are truly amazing thank you for this life changing experience.

Jodie Isbel, Western Australia xxxx