2017, the year of Saturn, is coming to an end. Saturn represents restrictions, trials and can bring all the planted evil returning as karma. Everything that needs to be destroyed for a new and better transformation is literally ripped away by Saturn. I see Saturn as a Tsunami in our life. It is a time when the things and patterns that do not belong to us anymore fall away and we can move towards our true path. The journey of self-realisation!

From this place of leaving the past behind us we move into 2018 – the year of expansion. 2018 will be ruled by the biggest planet in our solar system: Jupiter. This period tends to be filled with changes and achievements.

Jupiter is in Scorpio for the first time in 12 years and remains until November 2018. 2018 also brings two other important astrological movements: Saturn will be in Capricorn for the first time in 29 years starting in December 2017, and Uranus will move into Taurus in May 2018 for the first time in 84 years. We can expect modifications in the economic scenario, new ways to deal with work, money and changes in what we value.

With Saturn (conservatism) entering Capricorn (ideals) for the next two and half years, and Uranus (advanced ideas) in transit through Taurus (earth sign, representing our material world) for the next eight years, it will be during this time that people will realise that the universe and world environment we live with, has and will always be ruled by variables. Open your mind and heart to the new year ahead.

Jupiter, the largest of the planets in the solar system, is related to wealth, business growth, studies, sports, law and religion. This is a great time for intellectual education, to go beyond borders, to learn a new language, do business or have experiences in foreign countries, travel to that place you always wanted, do the course you always dreamed of! It is necessary to have focus for your goals to be achieved and then 2018 will be a year of great success and abundance.

Jupiter expands our limits, and so it is wise to be attentive to possible over indulgences, overworking and increased stress. Ensure you do everything necessary to keep your health in good condition, both mental and physical. Stay connected and take care not to do what you might later regret.

In 2018 relationships are only likely to go forward if there is reciprocity. If someone in the couple is in the romance just for convenience or has doubts, the relationship will probably come to an end. Remember: our happiness must always be a priority and it comes from within.

It’s up to you to make your year incredible and unforgettable. Focus and go after what do you really want and follow your life purpose.

Another golden edict for 2018 would be: walk the line! That’s right, do not even think about trying to bend the rules. Jupiter represents justice, so if you try to circumvent the law, you will have problems.

And remember that Saturn will continue to govern the larger cycle for 36 years, then, along with Jupiter’s expanding and growing movement, we must always exercise caution, responsibility, practical sense, and the notion of saturnine boundaries.

I am writing more predictions for each of our special Women’s Retreats. Come and enjoy and dive in the abundance within yourself in 2018.

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