Get with the BaliSpirit Festival Buzz

Written by Stacey Clarke, Maitri Yoga Click Here for Maitri Yoga facebook With so many inspirational personalities available to tap into, the BaliSpirit Festival 2013 promises yet another great year of total yoga immersion and [...]

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Retreating to life

Written by Gabrielle Tourelle For one retreat participant battling health problems, the power of going on retreat to Byron Yoga Centre crept up on her, resulting in revolutionary decisions and life changes. The decision to [...]

Retreating to life2017-06-08T17:31:12+10:00

Rejuvenating by retreating

Written by Christine Lines With the onset of winter bringing cooler temperatures and shorter days, we naturally begin to hibernate and develop more of an internal focus. Following the natural rhythm of nature, some animals [...]

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Stepping out in Saigon

Written by Brook McCarthy The lucky bunch attending the upcoming Byron Yoga Centre teacher training and retreat in Vietnam will spend ten days in the salubrious Life Resort, set on a near-private beach twenty-five minutes [...]

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