Tabata is holding the space for the new Women’s Heath and Yoga Retreats at Byron Yoga Retreat Centre. She promised: “We will offer a safe and nourishing space to honour women. I have selected the dates of the 2017 retreats as powerful astrological dates. I hope you will join me for a very special time on our Women’s Heath and Yoga Retreat.”

Tabata shares her knowledge and wisdom of the current position of the stars with us:

In Astrology, the New Year does not traditionally begin on the first day of January. This occasion is celebrated when the sun enters the sign of Aries, so the ‘Astrological New Year’ starts on 21 April.

This year the Astrological New Year brought a strong focus on relationships. All kinds of relationships: personal, family, professional and also on how you relate to yourself. It heralded a good year for new partnerships and also a time to let go of partnerships that are no longer tuned to your true self. The year could bring career changes, an opportunity to study or to learn new skills.

Another milestone in the astrological calendar is Solstice – the moment when the sun, during its apparent movement on the celestial sphere, reaches the greatest declination in latitude, measured from the equator. The earth movement around the sun actually has 4 points: Summer and Winter Solstice and the Spring and Autumn Equinox.

Solstice occurs twice a year: in December and in June. On the Summer Solstice the length of the day is the longest in the year the Winter Solstice brings the longest night of the year. The exact day and time varies from year to year. This year Winter Solstice happens when the sun enters the star sign of Cancer on 22 June (Summer Solstice in the Northern Hemisphere).

From ancient times it has been considered that the Winter Solstice is a decisive moment, implying a great change in our lives. It is from the Winter Solstice day that the days grow longer and that light will again begin gaining on the shade.

Winter Solstice marks the date that the sun reaches its minimum luminosity stage on earth. That’s the reason why this date is also called the day of the rebirth of light. After 22 June the sun starts another cycle.

Each Solstice is a time to pause. To observe the changes in nature, the temperature, the animals behavior, the crops, the seasonal fruits and vegetables. It is also a reset time for us, an opportunity to search for harmony and balance within ourselves and nature.

The Solstice is a time to check the flow of our inner and outer energy, to reflect and to bring to a comprehensive awareness to what we need to put into action in our personal life. It is the ideal time to set intentions for what comes next.

When the sun enters the star sign of Cancer on 22 June, we are encouraged to look within, to nurture everything tender in us that needs love and attention. These concepts and those below apply to all start signs during the month, not only to Cancer.

Cancer is the fourth star sign and has the role of internalising. Cancer encourages us to go deeper within, to register what we have learnt from life, welcoming peers, and making a reality out of the concept of tribe or family.

Cancer is a water sign, feelings and emotions are related to this star sign and it offers a welcoming energy that nourishes our physical and emotional senses. The Astrological Year started in April with the impulsive fire of Aries, then brought the germination of the earth with Taurus, followed by the communication of air with Gemini in June, together with Cancer these form the 4 elements and first 4 star signs of the zodiac.

During the time the sun is in Cancer (22 June – 22 July) our protective instinct is higher, we will nurture the seeds we have planted – ensuring they do not grow before it’s time. Ruled by the moon the sign of Cancer can be said to be unstable, or unfixed, in the same way as the ocean tides ebb and flow.

The winter in the Southern Hemisphere starts when the sun enters Cancer. This is a time to be in silence, to feel, to self-protect, to nurture, and most importantly to nourish the seeds that will grow after winter.

Nourish yourself on this Winter Solstice!

Namaste, Tabata Ogilvie

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