Your guide to finding the perfect juice to complement your Ayurvedic Dosha by Mia Tarantini 

Ayurveda, the sister science to yoga, advocates three basic energy types known as Doshas: Vata, Pitta and Kapha. These energy types are found in all living things with every individual having a unique combination.

It’s important to keep your dosha in its correct balance and one way to do this is through lifestyle and diet. Finding a juice that complements your dosha could help keep your health in harmony, while ‘mis-juicing’ could aggravate negative symptoms – perhaps explaining why you’ve been having those random mood swings or why you were so bloated after your last green juice!

The science of Ayurveda was developed by Hindu Monks five-six thousand years ago in order to obtain maximum health and facilitate their meditation. The word itself translates to ‘life’ and ‘knowledge’ which makes us think that these guys really knew what they were talking about! Ayurveda uses herbal remedies, balanced diets and lifestyles and yogic breathing to prolong life. Each dosha is different so individual remedies are required to restore balance. In this instance you’ll discover which juice could best help you stabilise your body/mind composition.

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Vata Dosha (Wind Energy)

This energy type is closely related to creativity and vibrancy however, if an imbalance does occur it can result in fear and anxiety. Other symptoms of an imbalance include poor circulation, fatigue and discomfort in the joints. Vatas are known to have sensitive digestive systems so green juices are NOT recommended as they usually cause gas (does that explain any uncomfortable bloating?). Instead of green juices Vatas should stick to fruit and veggies rich in complex carbohydrates and high in protein. Think beetroot, sweet potato, cucumber and fennel. As well as reducing gas and bloating, juices made from these ingredients will promote a healthy nervous system. Another characteristic of Vata is dry hair and skin. This can be combated by adding ginger, turmeric, cinnamon or even lemon to your juice.

Pitta Dosha (Fire Energy)

Pittas are seen as strong and fiery, goal orientated and as having great leadership skills. However Pittas who get off track are known to become irritable, impatient and are more prone to mood swings. They can suffer from high acidity levels, muscle and tendon inflammation and skin irritations. Have you noticed any random pimples or that you are prone to muscle swelling? This could be due to an imbalance in your energy. To combat this, try cooling juices containing cucumbers, celery, aloe vera, mint and lemon. You can even try adding some leafy greens such as kale or bok choy, but be light-handed! Too much green will turn your juices from cool to warm. To enhance the benefits you could dilute the juice with room temperature filtered water and remove any foam.

Kapha Dosha (Earth Energy)

These dependable and compassionate types often get a bad rep in the Ayurveda world as they have the slowest metabolism and get labeled as slothful! They actually have many awesome qualities – they are deep thinkers, active listeners and gentle in nature. However when an imbalance occurs Kaphas are prone to excessive weight gain, depression and an increase in apathy. To resolve this, Kaphas should push aside their sweet tooth cravings and opt for something bitter and astringent. Try juicing things like celery, kale, broccoli and coriander. Juices containing these ingredients will stop the sweet cravings and balance blood sugar levels. To add some flavour, venture outside your comfort zone and add some cayenne pepper, cinnamon or ginger! As well as adding some spice to your juice, it will help boost your metabolism. If you really need that sweetness, try fruits like pomegranate or apples. Steer clear of mango, banana and pineapple – eating these could be why you’ve had a cold or headache that you can’t seem to shake, it’s your body telling you there’s something wrong!

Take the time to learn about the qualities of the combination of dosha, there so many resources online and in print, so that you are better able to recognise any imbalances. If you understand your energy, you can better understand your mind and your body’s needs. This will enable you to maintain a healthy mind/body composition and live a fuller life.