Byron Bay – a Melbournian’s dream holiday, with its warm weather, white beaches, and alternative community. It’s a perfect place to get away from the city traffic and fast moving environment, bringing us back into ourselves. Arriving in Byron for my wellness retreat, I felt as if I’d gone from a run to a walk.

When you come from Melbourne to Byron Yoga Centre, you can immediately feel yourself relax and unwind, surrounded by the sound of birds and fruitful vegetable gardens. The centre stands in stark comparison to the memories of the city skyscrapers, and you can sense the stress and urgency, that seems to hang like grey smog, melt away as you breath in the smell of the sweet, white ginger flowers. What could be better to accompany a yoga and wellness retreat, and get you ready for your practice ahead?

A big difference you will definitely notice, if you’re like me, and used to waking up to the sounds of Melbourne’s hustle and bustle; will be rising to the laughter of kookaburras and the breeze whispering through the white trunked paperbarks. And what better way to start your day off than with yoga, a hot, healthy breakfast and the option of a morning dip in the centre’s heated mineral pool. A refreshing change to running out the door with a takeaway coffee and jumping on the noisy, packed tram or train, on the commute to work.

Last, but not least, the food and staff at Byron Yoga Centre! What an uplifting difference it is to have people welcome you into the day wearing a smile and colours that aren’t limited to black or grey. Not just that, but three delicious meals a day, that have clearly been made with love, and a passion for the fresh produce picked from the gardens on site (something that would be impossible to get anywhere in Melbourne’s CBD). Everyone working at the centre is clearly there because they love the place and what they do; but then it would be hard not to enjoy working in a place as beautiful as Byron Yoga Centre.