Connect and center with uplifting Tree Pose

Vrksasana (or Tree Pose) is a regular in Purna Yoga asana sequences. It is known to strengthen the legs; gently open the hips; and help with mental, emotional and physical balance.



1. Stand in Tadasana, feet together. Find a point directly ahead at eye level to focus on to find balance.

2. Take weight onto left foot. Stage 1: Bend the right knee, turn the right foot out to the side and rest the right heel on the left ankle. Or, Stage 2: Take hold of right ankle and place sole of foot on inner left thigh. Keep the right knee moving back slightly.

3. Take arms out to the side at shoulder height. Inhale, and take the arms upwards like the branches of a tree. Exhale and bend elbows, bring palms together just above the head. Relax shoulders away from ears.

To release: Inhale, stretching the arms up. Exhale and turn palms out to shoulder height. Inhale, stretch right leg out in front, leaning forward slightly. Exhale and release right foot to floor. Inhale, stretch ankles by coming up onto the toes of both feet. Exhale, release feet to floor and find Tadasana.

Contraindications and Cautions:

  • Low blood pressure (if pose held too long).
  • High blood pressure: don’t raise arms overhead.
  • Take care with unstable sacroiliac joint: practice stage 1 variation.