We’re often told how significant the first meal of our day is and how important the foods we eat are in keeping our mind/body composition in check. The science of Ayurveda recommends how to keep your energy type balanced through diet and lifestyle. Each energy type is unique and requires different methods of aliment, so the foods you should be eating after your alarm clock goes off will depend on if you’re Pitta, Vata or Kapha.

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Ayurveda is the science of  ‘you are what you eat’, so look after your mind, body and soul and eat the right breakfast. Do yourself a favour, stop feeling bloated, sluggish and tired. Instead, start your day feeling energised, motivated and most importantly, happy. There are plenty of sources out there with information on your energy type and the more you know the more you can apply the science to your everyday life. Match this knowledge with a regular practice of yoga and you’re in for a happier and healthier life. To find out how to engage the perks rather than the flaws of your dosha and keep your mind happy and healthy.

Breakfast for Pitta Dosha (Fire Energy)

Rise and shine Pitta! Feeling like you’re experiencing an imbalance? You’ve probably been overindulging in salty, sour and spicy foods. Your energy type is fiery and enthusiastic so eating foods with the same traits will throw off your energy. Compared to the other energy types, you’re appetite is larger and digestion stronger. However, allow an imbalance to occur and you can become short tempered, argumentative and experience uncomfortable symptoms like heartburn and indigestion. To keep your body and mind happy, opt for something sweet, cool, nourishing and high in carbohydrates. For breakfast you need something to sustain your intelligent, ambitious mind. Try Kitchari, an Ayurvedic dish that consists of lentils, rice and cooling spices such as coriander and cumin. If a savory start to the day isn’t your thing, give porridge made with oats, hot milk, cardamom, and fennel a go. Try to avoid eggs and bacon as that will send your digestive system into overdrive, leaving you bloated and anxious for the rest of your day. It probably makes sense now why you were less productive at work or more irritable at home after you ate that omelet last week…

Breakfast for Vata Dosha (Wind Energy)

Good morning Vatas! Time to get your head out of the clouds and bring all of your great ideas back down to earth. Your active minds and creative energy are always firing which makes starting your day off right all that more important. Your sensitive digestion system requires warm and grounding foods in order to keep you from bloating and experiencing discomfort. Warm and nourishing breakfast foods will not only keep your body happy but will also keep your easily agitated mind at ease. Eggs on buttered toast is a Vata staple and can be made a bit more nourishing by adding avocado and sautéed spinach or try oats with warm milk, honey, cinnamon, ghee, almonds and flax seeds. This will keep you full for longer and allow you to keep up your enthusiastic, energetic lifestyle. Beware of smoothies as they’re too cooling for your warm bodies. Vata energy controls the movement of thoughts, feelings, and nerve impulses so treat yourself to a warm, nourishing breakfast, you deserve it!

Breakfast for Kapha Dosha (Earth Energy)

Oh Kaphas, you get a tough time in the Ayurvedic world don’t you? Often described as lethargic and heavy it’s important to keep your energy in check. By eating the right breakfast for you we will get to see your calm, loving and thoughtful side. Your main qualities are your strength, compassion and stable mindedness so to keep yourself balanced, it is important to compliment this with foods that are light, warm and dry. Breakfast for you is optional and shouldn’t be forced. If you’re not hungry, don’t eat. Stay far away from dairy as it will leave you feeling heavy and tired for the rest of your day. Try a bowl of fresh fruit (heaps of berries, pineapple and kiwi!) topped with honey or maybe a  green smoothie – with NO banana as it would be quick to aggravate your gentle nature- to keep your calm, thoughtful mind balanced. Another option is sliced grapefruit drizzled with honey, cardamom and ground ginger. This breakfast snack will help your body and metabolism wake up and keep you from feeling sluggish. Think of it like a healthier alternative to your morning coffee! If you do decide to skip breakfast, make yourself a warm lemon, ginger and turmeric tea by slicing up the ingredients and adding hot water. This will not only put something in your stomach but will boost your normally slow metabolism. Beware of classic breakfast foods like toast, cereals, and heavy carbs especially containing dairy as they will make you and your bowels sluggish which will test your usually perfect patience.