Open the heart, boost prana flow and lighten the mental load with a backbend or two.

Dhanurasana (or Bow Pose) is a backbend known to promote flexibility of the spine, tone the abdominal organs, increase energy and counteract depression. Take the time to prepare the body and warm up before moving into any backbend.



1. Lying prone on floor, bend both knees, reach back with hands towards buttocks and take hold of ankles, keeping knees no wider than hip width. 

2. Inhale look forward being careful of the neck.

3. Exhale begin to raise feet, legs and upper body, attempting to straighten legs, eyes looking forward.

4. Dorsiflex feet.

5. Fully engage pelvic floor and core.

6. Hold and breathe.

To release: exhale, and release into Balasana.

Contraindications and Cautions:

Students suffering back pain or strain should avoid this pose. Not recommended during menstruation and pregnancy.