We recently had the pleasure of having Yoga Wellbeing Magazine Editor Dana Diament join us on a Retreat at Byron Yoga Centre.

As custodians of this sacred space, we are honoured to share the reflections of, whose journey through yoga embodies the essence of returning to the true self.

In her article, Dana illuminates the labyrinthine journey of ego and self-realisation, drawn from her twenty-year odyssey through the landscape of yoga. She candidly reveals the pitfalls of egoism, recounting her own encounters with the allure of achievement, luxury, and the relentless pursuit of perfection. Yet, it was amidst the tranquil embrace of a retreat at our centre that Dana found herself confronted with a profound sense of disconnection from her authentic essence.

Dana’s narrative echoes the timeless wisdom of Patanjali’s Yoga Sutras, wherein the concept of “asmita” – egoism – stands as a formidable obstacle on the path to clarity and liberation. Through introspection and the guidance of our dedicated teachers, Dana grappled with the probing questions of the ego: “What is wrong? What can I get? Who can I blame?” In the simplicity of these inquiries, she unearthed profound truths, realising that true freedom lies in letting go of the incessant need for external validation.

As Dana delved deeper into the heart of yoga philosophy, she discovered the transformative power of reframing the ego’s inquiries to “What is right? What can I give? Who can I thank?” In this elegant rephrasing, she experienced a profound shift in perspective – a moment of clarity akin to the blissful moments found in the depths of yoga practice.

As Dana bid farewell to the retreat and embarked on the journey homeward, she was buoyed by a sense of exhilaration – a surge of prana coursing through her being, guiding her back to a life of service. Her experience serves as a testament to the transformative potential inherent within each of us, awaiting discovery amidst the tranquillity of our centre.

At Byron Yoga Centre, we stand as stewards of this sacred journey – offering accessible practices, nurturing environments, and authentic teachings to all who seek to rediscover the timeless wisdom of yoga. As Dana’s journey exemplifies, amidst the chaos of modern life, the path to true self lies not in complexity but in simplicity, not in isolation but in community.

Join us on this transformative journey, as we embrace the timeless wisdom of yoga and rediscover the boundless potential within. Let us walk together, hand in hand, towards the luminous shores of self-discovery and awakening.

Read Dana’s full article here.