Answer these seven questions to find out where you are on the yoga path and how to progress along the path with the help of Byron Yoga Centre.

1. You consider your yoga practice to be

a)      Beginner level
b)      Gaining in competency
c)      Proficient
d)      Intermediate / Advanced

2. You attend yoga classes

a)      Occasionally
b)      Sometimes on, sometimes off
c)      Regularly, at least once a week
d)      You attend as you’re teaching them!

3. Your own home practice could be described as

a)      Non-existent!
b)      Something you would like to start
c)      A sporadic occurrence
d)      A consistent routine

4. You have attended

a)      A few yoga classes
b)      Many yoga classes
c)      Classes plus some workshops or a retreat
d)      All the above plus a yoga teacher training

5. Your yoga practice is

a)      A way to stretch and become more flexible
b)      A physical practice that has other benefits
c)      A way to connect body, mind and spirit
d)      Asana, meditation, pranayama … and life!

6. Which of these words best describes what yoga is to you …

a)      Exercise
b)      Peace
c)      Unity
d)      A calling

7. When you think of teaching yoga you think …

a)      Not in this lifetime!
b)      Maybe one day
c)      It’s something you’ve been planning to do
d)      Of your next class!

Mainly As

You are at the beginning of your yoga journey. To take the next step, commit to a regular weekly class and invest in your own yoga mat. Having your own mat will motivate you to use it and energetically you will build a connection to it and to your practice. You may like to consider signing up for a 3 day retreat to give yourself a taste of some different yoga styles offered by Byron Yoga Centre such as flow, Yin, Restorative and our signature Purna style.

Mainly Bs

You are on the yoga path and perhaps it’s time to start to integrate other aspects of yoga beyond the physical poses into your practice. At Byron Yoga Centre we teach a style called Purna Yoga which incorporates postures (asana), with breathing techniques (pranayama), meditation and yogic philosophy. Our 8 day retreats offer a daily program of yoga classes and wellness sessions aimed at imparting tools you can take home to further your yoga journey on a day to day basis.

Mainly Cs

You are committed to yoga and perhaps it’s time to share yoga with others or dive into an intensive yoga experience. Byron Yoga Centre’s Level 1 trainings are for those who are planning to teach and also for those who would like to immerse themselves in all things yoga. The residential intensives offer a program of yoga classes, teaching skills sessions and workshops on applied anatomy and philosophy. You would also have the opportunity to teach real public classes and build your skills and confidence as a teacher.

Mainly Ds

You are firmly on a life path of yoga and probably passing on your love for the practice to others. Perhaps it’s time to delve into a particular style or learn more about an area you are passionate about. Do you have an affinity for Yin Yoga or Restorative Yoga? A desire to broaden your knowledge of Remedial Yoga or Practical Anatomy? Perhaps you would like to deepen your own mediation practice and learn how to incorporate meditation into the classes you teach?