Choosing the right training

Byron Yoga Centre, established in 1988, is one of Australia’s longest running yoga teacher training academies. We offer a wide range of trainings including several options for the popular Level 1 200 hour course. We can help you select the course that best suits your individual yoga path.

Level 1 Options

1) Complete Course: 20 Day residential at Byron Yoga Retreat Centre

With our 20-day Complete Course you will gain your certification on the successful completion of the residential intensive.

During this 20-day Complete Course you will be fully supported through your journey, from the foundations of teaching to feedback on practical teaching sessions. You will get extensive opportunity for teaching experience with real public classes, allowing you to build confidence.

We recommend this course as the best choice for all those that have the time and are ready to commit to being in Byron Bay for three weeks.

2) Concise Course: 12 Day residential at Byron Yoga Retreat Centre

Our 12-day Concise Course is for those who have less time for a stay in Byron Bay. It requires additional online and correspondence elements after the residential intensive. You will also need to arrange and record your own additional practical teaching experience.

It usually takes about six months to one year for students from the 12-day Level 1 to complete their assignments, teaching practice and journaling and to become certified teachers. So we recommend the 20-day Complete Course option to anyone who keen to get started on their yoga teaching career.

However, a significant number of our Level 1 students are not planning to teach immediately and are simply wanting to delve deeper into yoga in all its aspects. For these participants the 12-day option as the more cost effective, and less intense, option.

3) Flexible Learning Level 1: 12 Day or 20 Day residential at Byron Yoga Retreat Centre

This option is for those who are not ready to commit to dates for the residential course but are keen to get going on online elements of the training.

With Flexible Learning you can get started on the correspondence components and then book in for the intensive at a later point in time. This style of course is most suited to experienced yoga practitioners or those who have already been teaching informally, and who are confident, independent learners.

4) Part Time: 10 weeks non residential with 2 weekdays each week study days 

5) Part Time: 6 x non residential weekends in Melbourne or Sydney 

6) Part Time 6 x residential weekends at Byron Yoga Retreat Centre

For those living Sydney, Melbourne or Byron Bay who are unable to take time out to come for a residential intensive in Byron Bay, we now run part time options just for you! You can attend two weekdays each week for 10 consecutive weeks, or select the weekend course with dates spaced over a 5-6 month period attending one weekend each month at our partner studios. (The Yoga Room in Sydney and The Ashtanga Centre of Melbourne).

In Byron Bay at the Byron Yoga Retreat Centre you can take the option of a part time weekend residential course, staying at the tranquil eco centre from Friday evening to Sunday afternoon. This makes it accessible for those driving from Brisbane or the Sunshine Coast or from Coffs Harbour and beyond.

A part time course not only suite those who can’t join a 2-3 week intensive but also those who prefer to learn at a slower pace. You have time to fully integrate your leaning and if you complete the online and components between the weekend sessions you will gain your 200 hour certification at the successful completion of the final weekend.

If you would like to further information or more advice on which training is best for you please contact Byron Yoga Retreat Centre: 02 6685 8327 / /