1) The Yoga Plateau

You may have found that your practice has plateaued. Perhaps after experiencing a steady progression in your physical aptitude you start to feel that you are stagnating. It could time for a residential teacher training or perhaps a retreat.

As well as teacher trainings, Byron Yoga Centre offer 7 day, 5 day and 3 day yoga retreats at the tranquil Byron Yoga Retreat Centre. These programs combine three yoga classes a day (flow, alignment based and a restorative or yin class) with wellness sessions, meditation and yogic philosophy workshops. A retreat could be just what you need to reignite your sense of headway. If you are looking for a more intensive program, then consider a 12 day Level 1.

2) Tools to Establish a Home Practice

You are likely to have experienced the benefits of yoga that go beyond improving your strength and flexibility, like the subtle way that yoga permeates our mental and emotional layers. Most yoga practitioners would agree that a regular practice establishes a peace of mind, clarity and emotional balance.

To genuinely maintain a consistent practice and to maximise these benefits it becomes essential to establish a home practice. A Byron Yoga Centre training course teaches you how to instruct a yoga class = even if you are just choosing to only teach yourself!

The Level 1 course will guide you in correct alignment of key poses – plus the benefits and contraindications, You will also learn how to sequence a practice and how to modify poses for your level, and for your progression, of practice. This methodical and practical knowledge will enable and inspire you to create and maintain a home practice.

3) A Thirst For Knowledge

Your yoga teachers have probably introduced you to aspects of yoga beyond the asana poses, perhaps touching on philosophies such as the 8 Limbs of Yoga from the Yoga Sutras or guiding you in a meditation or a pranayama practice (breathing exercise). Maybe you are keen to better understand the anatomy of poses or the physiological benefits of yoga. A yoga teacher training is an amazing opportunity to delve into all aspects of yoga.

At Byron Yoga Centre the style of yoga taught on the trainings and retreats is called Purna Yoga. Purna is a Sanskrit word meaning ‘complete’ or ‘whole’. Byron Yoga Centre integrates philosophy, meditation, pranayama and asana into all classes.

4) A Life Change

You may have recently entered a new life stage or be looking to instigate a transformation. Perhaps you are looking for part time work around raising a family, or to move from a corporate job to a more holistic role. Maybe you are experiencing one of those pivotal points in life when we ask ourselves – ‘what next?’ Whether the answer is to train as a yoga teacher or just to create a space where you can get in touch with your intuition – a yoga teacher training course can offer you the tools and the time.

5) You Want to Share Yoga

Many of the participants in Byron Yoga Centre trainings say that their experience of the benefits of yoga has inspired them to want to share it with others. It is this passion that is the foundation of a good yoga teacher.

So Which Course to Choose

Byron Yoga Centre has trained over 3,000 teachers and now runs a whole range of trainings and retreats from its home at Byron Yoga Retreat Centre.

The minimum qualification required by studios and for insurance is a 200 Hour Level 1 training. Byron Yoga Centre offers this as a 20 day or a 12 day (with correspondence components) course. However, to cater to the growing number students looking for a more in-depth training Byron Yoga Centre also offer a 500 Hour 40-day training and a Certificate IV non residential 12-month part time course.

All the residential courses and retreats are a chance to enjoy delicious, healthy vegetarian food, the heated mineral salt pool and to explore Byron Bay town and the beautiful beaches.