1. How did your yoga journey start?

My yoga journey started in 1993 when I was 17 years old, although I only realised this last year.  I remember being at a house party and a group of us girls were sitting on the floor. I put my legs into full lotus (without ever having seen this before). It just happened and I remember thinking this is a neat way to sit. Then an older girl walked past and rudely said "Why are you sitting like that?" I immediately uncrossed my legs and vowed to never try that again.

Four years later while travelling through Byron Bay a new friend persisted that I come to his yoga class in Suffolk Park. I did not want to go. I was too straight and thought that people who sat crossed legged and chanted "OM" were weird. He persisted… I went and I loved it. When the teacher put the eye pillow on my eyes in Savasana and gently massaged my head I was hooked.  I went three times a week for six months after that first class.

2. Why did you become a yoga teacher?

I decided to become a yoga teacher because my yoga teacher at the time was so beautiful. Her classes were full and she only 'worked'  three times per week. I thought it would be easy and fun and I was right. I had been a swimming teacher for years and teaching comes very naturally to me. Yoga found me when I was 'lost' as to what to do next in my life…

3. What yoga pose puts a smile on your face?

Savasana –  I only ever come for the Savasana.

4. What have you learned about life from yoga?

Yoga has taught me that I spend way too much time in my head. After 17 years of practice I am more present today than I was yesterday. It is easier to stop the madness of thoughts going in and out of my mind. Yoga has also taught me to be kinder than necessary. Everyone needs more kindness in their lives and in their hearts.

5. How would you describe your yoga classes?

My classes are a mix of traditional Hatha yoga, flowing yoga to the sounds of good music and of course restorative or yin style near the end of class. I am well known as a yin teacher (although I have never formally done a Yin Yoga training) but the first style I trained in has a distinct restorative vibe. So I like to do a lot of asana on the floor with bolsters and blankets and stay in a posture for 5 minutes or more.