By Swami Pujan

Swami Pujan is leading his annual Meditation Training Course at Byron Yoga Retreat Centre from Sunday 28 January to Saturday 3 February. In this article he explores the benefits of a regular meditation practice:

The goal of meditation (and all our actions) is freedom. If you want happiness, you are looking for freedom from unhappiness. If you want security, it is freedom from insecurity. If you are fearful, angry or anxious you really want freedom from those negative feelings. The practice of meditation and the knowledge that underlines the wisdom of yoga will lead you to this freedom.

The ultimate freedom comes when you understand that all of your expectations may or may not come to fruition, as you would like. Can you accept the outcome what ever it might be? This is grateful acceptance, the fruit of meditation and wisdom!

The process is to let go of expectations and attachments and remember that you cannot really hold onto or completely control anything in this world. If we can see that we are only caretakers for this life and everything we have is a gift, even the things we don’t like, then freedom is attainable.

When we practice meditation and settle into the silence we begin to cultivate acceptance. To realise that it is only when we take something personally that negativity arises. You have to understand that if you do take a situation personally and become upset, angry or fearful, it is that reaction that leads to disharmony.

By establishing a regular meditation practice it does become easier to accept everything with an attitude of grateful acceptance. In this way meditation becomes a loving acceptance and it is heartfelt. You begin to see every action as a gift, that this life, your life, is a miracle, it is a gift to you!

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