Our inspiring alumni – Emma James

Emma is a graduate of several Byron Yoga Centre courses and has contributed to other student’s trainings through her participant in our graduate program and through her own classes. She gained her 800 hour Certificate [...]

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Our Yogis – Introducing Gitam

     Meet Gitam, Senior Yoga Teacher and author of Gitam's Garden - Healthy Sattvic Recipes from the Byron Yoga Kitchen How did your yoga journey start? I began practising yoga in the 1980s when my children [...]

Our Yogis – Introducing Gitam2017-06-08T17:28:38+11:00

Healing through Applied Anatomy for Yoga

Maria Kirsten teaches Applied Anatomy for Yoga Teachers and Physiology at Byron Yoga Centre, educating yoga teacher trainees about the importance of safety and support in the yoga studio. A yoga therapist, she lectures on yoga [...]

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Our Yogis – Introducing Joni

How did your yoga journey start? I think I’ve always been a yogini at heart, if not in body. I started reading about yoga philosophy, meditation and asana in high school long before I set foot on [...]

Our Yogis – Introducing Joni2017-06-08T17:28:43+11:00

Our Yogis – Introducing Tara

1. How did your yoga journey start? My yoga journey started in 1993 when I was 17 years old, although I only realised this last year.  I remember being at a house party and a [...]

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The pathless path: the meaning of yoga

Yoga has been around for literally thousands of years. Can something so old still be relevant in 2014? Dana Burrows put this question to Byron Yoga Centre’s philosophy teacher, Swami Pujan. Like so many who [...]

The pathless path: the meaning of yoga2014-01-29T03:19:24+11:00